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  1. The mana is extremely overpowered in both pve and pvp. It's pretty much the fastest travel in the game. Extremely mobile, super high damage, a long duration stun, the ability to ignore armor and hit riders, and moderate range damage to top it off. It's only weakness was stam regen, and even then there's a little trick to double or triple its stam regen.
  2. Getting extremely consistent crashes when using the managarmr's buffed icebreath on large creatures like gigas, rexes, and reapers.
  3. Wolf and Ape look fantastic. Rex still looks like a plastic toy. Too thick and round, and the limbs jut out too much from the body. It looks like an inflatable balloon a bit. You hit the jackpot with the Yutyrannus Model, so similar, but more muscular proportions for the rex would be great. Another great comparison would be animations. The Yuty has fantastic animations with the hips moving inside the body underneath the skin, while the rex looks like a toy with its joints turning, and the tail is too stiff. Most of the older dinos have this issue with animations. Don't care about feath
  4. Phoenixes do not spawn in scorched Singleplayer on PC. I went through the trouble of playing for about 8 hours leveling new wyverns waiting for a heat wave, searched half the map, waited another 4 hours, for the next, searched the other half, cleared my spawns, had no luck on the next heat wave, then command started heatwaves consecutively to attempt to see if they were even spawning. With several consecutive heat waves and 2 more dino wipes I still found none, downloaded ACM, which told me I had no phoenix spawns as well. I really don't want to have to cheat to get one. I had t
  5. I've been waiting for this fix for about a year, but certain resources still don't respawn in singleplayer on any map. Metal, small redwoods, and oil nodes in particular do not respawn. I've spent hundreds of hours waiting on the first ones I mined, and even changed spawnrates down to around 0.1 or so. Nothing works. No, they're not close to my base. This is mapwide.
  6. Ragnarok now has the black sky the center had last patch on PC.
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