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  1. The stuff about producing ambergis was removed from wiki so maybe it was just someones assumption. Edit : its back there again so kinda confusing them adding and removing it... would be rlly nice to officially know if its supposed to produce it or not
  2. Therizino Saddle BP Does any know wich mission gives Theri saddles/BPs? Or if its even possible to get nice one at all.
  3. Hmm 4 one cell organisms confirmed. Like rlly some ppl rlly need to read on how season passes work. The price of ARK went up bcs it went out of early access so from the beta price they went to full price after officially going out of beta. The 1st season pass clearly stated even before abberation came out that it gives u access to all 3 upcoming story DLCs that will be released for the game it said 3 and u got 3. The season pass isnt LIFETIME free DLCs for the game it wouldnt be called SEASON pass if it were for all DLCs to come. After reading all the BS ppl complainig. I wouldnt be suprised if they made ARK 2 ppl would still complain that they should get it for free too since they have season pass for basic ARK since obviously ppl think its lifetime pass to free everything that Wildcards will ever make.
  4. Its just like preordering. No1 forces any1 into buying it. You can simply ignore it until more is revealed but there are ppl that simply enjoyed ark enough that are wiling to support them by buying the DLC/Seasson pass regardless if it will be good or bad right now. Even if they put up purely Skins DLC for few € i would buy it just bcs i sank thousands of hour into the game and i think they deserve it. Ofc there are things that might have needed to be fixed before new content and some of their decission are questionable but still i think they doing great job.
  5. Try to think urself what ur typing here. They just showed small part of whats in the 1st DLC . Its REVEAL trailer not the trailer of finished DLC and its 1st of 2 included in the price...
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