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  1. I’m built on herb island, I didn’t think that was a spawn point?
  2. I’m not sure if this is an actual thing or I’m just losing my mind, but lately I’ve been finding random dead bodies inside my main base. As in, inside the building. I keep a Parasaur on the top of the main building because people tend to snoop around my base and I like to be alerted so I can shoo them off. But lately I’ve been finding random bodies and not gotten a single alert. There are only two entrances to this building and both doors are locked, and I always make sure to close the doors behind me. Level 1 with random stuff, such as armor (decent quality, too) and som
  3. No, the asteroids were not in the process of changing as it was midday. This was in my single player. I dismounted my voidwyrm to grab my death bag and when I turned around it was gone. There were no other wyrms around, no seekers either. There was nothing around. Just boom, gone. Nothing major other than I had colored it to make it cool, I can just spawn in one to replace it, but I figured it’d be a good thing to report.
  4. Under what would I report that? Blocking player spawns?
  5. Heya, so I’m coming off a small hiatus for the release of genesis 2. While setting out dinos I noticed someone had built a small base within our gates. We are on herb island with gates around the outer part of the island and enclosing the inner areas. Somoeome built between the layers of gates. I kept everything rendered while I was away, I would log in for an hour or two, fly around and load everything in, and log back out. Surely this isn’t allowed since it’s still within our walls? The decay timer has 14 days on it. With them there we can’t expand our own base. Is there s
  6. Unfortunately I don’t use smartbreeder, as to my knowledge it isn’t compatible with chromebooks. (Although if someone can prove me wrong, I’d be super happy!) I should note this was even before I got my base pair. I was trying to get females with the combined good stats from the parents. All spinos were tamed with almost 100% effectiveness; the lowest was 99.6%, but none of them lost levels. (I don’t know if that’s relevant but I’m adding it just in case.) I don’t plan on keeping the baby in the line, but the color mutation was cool so I’ll probably keep it for color breeding.
  7. Do the stats change as it grows without the imprinting? I was under the assumption what they were born with is their base stats.
  8. Hello! So I’m entirely new to breeding and wanted to try and mutate Spinos for Abberation. I hatched a baby Spino with 280% melee. It is listed as having a mutation. All other stats match up with the parents. The mother has 279.9%, the father has 293.8%. Is this correct, or am I mistaken in assuming all mutations would be a higher stat than both parents? I actually run into this a lot, and it has discouraged me from trying to breed, but I really want to know the answer for this one. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  9. Bump because this is still an issue.
  10. Hello?? Is there anyone who can help us figure this out?????
  11. It is 2021 and our dinos are still randomly disappearing. We’ve lost 2 magmasaurs in the span of a week. This is on server EU Xbox 199, the island. Our base is on Herbivore Island, is gated off and has no access to water except for our water pen, which is also gated off. I have checked 50, 50, I have whistled follow all where we left him, he was sitting on solid ground, he was not meshing. There is NO reason our Magmasaurs should have disappeared. These dinos are hard to get as none of us have Genesis nor do we want to pay the extra money for it, as you can imagine we are extremel
  12. Hello. I am posting this on behalf of friend who is getting kicked constantly. He cannot stay connected to any server for more than 30-45 minutes. He has tried every single map across multiple servers and all of them end the same way. He’s tried the following: Turning off Xbox for 30 seconds and turning it back on Restarting xbox restarting ark Uninstalling, reinstalling ark resetting internet getting a new router The issue seems to have started after the Christmas event was patched out and none of of the patches or updates have helped him.
  13. I don’t know if it’ll help you at all, but I’ve noticed after dismounting certain flyers (Argies and Wyverns namely), they often start walking off, as if the rider is still mounted. I’ve had several flyers walk off after dismounting and I found them later nowhere near where I left them. That may be the issue here as well? Either way, it’s annoying and frustrating.
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