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  1. Add MTS server style reinforced walls and roofs to the game Two types ! 1# Greenhouse effect reinforced glass (only see thru) 2# Armored Glass walls tintable or see thru and perhaps tint can be painted by player - would be awesome. 3# door with see thru window (more expensive door) with extra crystal cost. Even if they were expensive addition like costing extra 50-100 crystal on top of the regular build cost. It would still be a good addition.
  2. I kinda like the challenge aspect of the aberration map as one commenter mentioned. Then again a midway solution might be to chainge few charge nodes into "Terminal charger nodes" that would allso have building blocked around them. Perhaps 2-3 such nodes in green and blue zones. They would would allso be unbuildable on PVE servers.
  3. I dont recomend adding saddles or breeding to either of these. I would increase griffin levels in the wild to 160 or 170 as a small boost. So taming a 160/170 griffin would be the strongest possible griffin you can find (hence more stats over all)
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