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  1. Balance and item Mega suggestion for PVP These balance suggestions are for helping the PVP landscape to improve and be more fun and give more ppl a chance to succeed in it. -goals are for improving the chances for small and medium sized tribes and over all making game less about spamming titans as an attack. -Increase species X hp by 3x -gives the little guys more survivability, introduce stone/metal crop plots -Make Titan transfer cost to be 1000/2000 element. (you can farm 900 in 15 minutes according to my sources from 50K vein) . -Remove Parasaur / wolf purlovia detection ability while flying (too easy to spot peoples stash) or introduce some kind of non scannable small stash (like rust) - Allso too many ppl use ini files which makes finding your box stashes too easy. Purlovias get scanned too easily how it is atm. -Introduce Metal storage box with 120 slots of space 15K hp like a medium item between vault and the wooden storage box. (smaller than vault and relatively cheap to make) -3x hp to cryofridges. (ppl have lots of value inside - they are tek looking things .. so make them stronger) -Make levelling food and water to give 15 attribute points per level. (these stats are not used by most ppl) - make them mean something more by the 1.5 change. -While developing maps for the new expansion make it so that there are nice hidy holes for small bases .. the island map is the worst in regards to cool hiding holes/ areas. -Consider introducing a 10 man tribe game mode in place of the removed 25 man tribes servers. (OFC region lock asia away just like 6man servers) -Implement Mesh police plugin into the game. research can it work for blocking a player entering into a base from inside the mesh
  2. Well at least the asians cannot use their aimbots so well but they can still use their man power. lol. There are grapling hooks in the game. I like the game the feel is great .. beeing in the enviroment. The huge animal packs are quite retarded and make it difficult to survive on many islands. Then again they have to make something like that if they want to have certain areas unhospitable. Its much closer to real world survival in many ways. Its more survival .. where as in ark you have it quite easy in relation to surviving. At 21 euros like its now on sale it was a bargain. OFC I expect the devs to fix it alot tho. I will not shout these praises if we get poor customer care.
  3. So many negative reviews on steam are basically ppl repeating stuff they saw some famous streamer say. Most of the streamers dont even have the basic understanding of the survival game genre or patience to learn it. Mob effect at its worst. Coming from ark background I knew what to expect and i had full faith that the game will quite playable after a short time after the initial launch day problems became known. I was right. The game has so good feel to it and the atmosphere is amazing. I have read about the claiming system and some other problems so I know there needs to be balancing done. a problem that comes to mind is. The game or its sales would not benefit is one player company (tribe) can own half of the map with their claims. No one would want nor could play the game then. Im not sure if thats even possible. Im very happy I bought the game at its sale price. Its a bargain. Even tho Rust development team has more finesse in their game mechanics and listening to the customers etc. they are on a new level of slow. Its quite amazing how fast this Atlas game was put together.
  4. At their current state Managrm are bit too OP. They can freeze beyond turret range. Allso Basilisk breath effecting ppl inside a building is broken. Say you have 2x2 fob and beds on it. if there is basilisk spam you will die non stop inside the building and cant do anything. Mangrm freeze happens in 0.5 seconds or so. And then you are out of the fight and will die unless the player stops the freeze breath. Allso why on earth the Freeze even breaks your armor? Aint the Freeze + HP damage enough. A Managmr and basilisk combo against a fob and you have pretty solid defence. Allso the managrm seems to be bugged. I shot 25 times with crossbow at one NO RED marker of a hit. Tribe mate found an unriden one shot it with compound bow at point blank range. He did not hit it once.
  5. BTW. You can tame all kinds of animals on Atlas and there is flyers too. For instance elephant gathers wood etc.
  6. Small tribes is good as a concept .. 6 mans is way to little tho. And for instance teaming is a problem. Good thing there are no asian players since they allways use aimbot and other cheats as well. (mostly aim bot). The problem in ark its way to hard to defend for offline raids. On small servers you have to play 12 hours a day and have ppl online 24/7. its not sane. Conquest are owned by chinese and not worth playing from that perspective. ( I actually play on Conquest). Titans that fly on aberration, managrm breath that reaches further than turrets and if you are in the breath for longer than 0.5 seconds you are done for.
  7. Bug spray only works for bugs. (spiders, pluera, etc): cactus sap with ghillie is my best bet.
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