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  1. Ark was built as an open world platform. A multilayer experience. Genesis takes that all away. If they had not been tight lipped about genesis there would have been less pre purchased packs... i know our tribe would not have purchased it. Wildcard needs to step up thier communication game and keep the fans in mind. We have been here since the earliest access alpha days...we have been through the bugs, glitches, delays...but after this complete fail our tribe is definately NOT going to pre purchase any more seasons passes or map packets.. This was a complete waste of money....
  2. Wildcard continues to not address the forums. When we called microsoft the rep said that wildcard did not tell them.this was going to be single player. Seems they pulled the wool over everyones eyes here. Wildcard fix this your going to lose your base customers..the ones who signed up because this is a multipkayer crossplatform game. *listen to the totallyfragged podcast**
  3. There is a difference between s dedicated and non dedicated server. On xbox the dedicated server option is gone. You can put up a non dedicated but that tethers everyone who joins to you.
  4. Genesis... no dedicated servers allowed Wth ... why would i buy a game when i cant continue with my tribe? Genesis is non dedicated servers...lame lame lame... bring back dedicated so atleast you can play with your crew...single player games are boring
  5. There are no servers cause its single player mode...
  6. Same issue on our servers at Totallyfragged as well
  7. Valguero map still not saving on dedicated xbox servers! Even after the 22gb update yesterday we still can't save our dedicated server. Wildcard fix this..why would I buy a aeasons pass for 50.00 when you can't even fix this bug? Running Totallyfragged1,2 and 3 on 3 different maps..Valguero and Ragnarok are having the same problem...FIX THIS STUFF!!
  8. Would have been nice to hear they had a fix for Valguero...sad face
  9. TotallyFragged2 is having the same issue. 27hours solid then the game crashed and lvls stay, everything else gets wiped. 2 other dedicated server admins are reporting the same thing.
  10. Xbox one scorched Eart and primitive plus crashes


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