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  1. Character Erased on Transfer Survivors beware. Transferring servers may erase characters. I had a character erased 6 weeks ago and literally just had WC replace the levels on a new one yesterday. Because it was 6 weeks out I had made a new one, leveled and regained most engrams. The next morning, less than 24 hours later, the game deleted, erased, whatever it does, that character transferring from 1260 to 477. Genesis to Island.
  2. GENESIS Disapearing dinosaurs and disconnects Since most recent patch dinosaurs are disappearing frequently on biome transfers. I lost 2 today in 8 teleports. Doubled back at different times to see if dino ever appeared. It was doing that that cost me the second dino. In addition, I D/C on about 50% of biome transfers and bed warps... Did not have these issues prior these issues prior to patch
  3. 477 down for over 12 hours now. Can someone just hit the reboot button
  4. 477 down since 10PM PST 4/11/2020 Character is trapped on down server... tried every submission possible, just thought I would announce here as well
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