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  1. How many of those people have the required wealth, equipment and infrastructure? You're doing a gross comparison when a more specific one is needed. When 5% makes up 56% (as of last quarter releases) of players, it means a much easier targeted demographic for a developer, especially of that developer is from within that same country.
  2. "huge" Large yes, I wouldn't claim huge. Also, outside the US, shipping variations are convoluted and cost a lot more money via logistics. Part of why my company hates dealing with trade evaluations and shipping coordination with Europe. China has the same issue which is why they have to set up third party evaluators. Paradoxically, when the UK breaks from the EU, chap 16 parallels are dropped which will allow the us to go through regs and set up a direct to point logistical shipping and trade EVs. So I guess, this issue won't be such an issue down the line. Logist
  3. Desert Armor without the helm, it's just been painted a particular color.
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