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  1. Collecting materials with rock elemental - client crash

    Confirm, the same for me. Breaking rocks with anything crashes me the same way. Was getting black and gray texture for broken rocks before the last update.
  2. My personal server on windows has worked fine for a long long time. Since 264. and current my server crashes when I try to join. Restoring a previous backup worked once. But now that does not work anymore. What exactly did you change? Is it to do with the way the server saves the state of the game? Or is this by design?
  3. RIP Ark 2017

  4. Max diffuclty on scorched earth?

    Oh sorry, didn't realize this was Xbox thread.
  5. Max diffuclty on scorched earth?
  6. Max diffuclty on scorched earth?

    Use, admincheat destroywilddinos [ you may need to relog after this] Or just go on a killing spree an eventually the higher ones will spawn. I have level 150 on my scorched earth server. Also the higher difficulty can result in areas that used to spawn more passive creatures could become a little tougher with aggressive spawns.
  7. Yes in 245.99 it was running the best I have ever had it running.And then.....
  8. Yes I jumped the gun on my post a little. after a few minutes i couldn't look side to side without a massive frame drop spike everytime.
  9. Update report. Issue has been resolved for me after the 246.1 update.
  10. Okay thanks for the clarification, I do hope this gets resolved. It seems they included some of the expansion in the download for the core game update that is interfering somehow . Causing major CPU usage and yes ignoring setting changes.
  11. Glad to hear that reddit is exploding about this subject. Maybe it will get some attention.
  12. Can confirm similar trouble. Yesterday, and for several months I run a dedicated Center map server and my client at 40 to 50 FPS. After update CPU is 50%+ to run the server and my client is running at 10 FPS and freezing up every few seconds. The game is unplayable.