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  1. marcalan77

    Update glitch?

    Seven days to die probably could be included somehow.
  2. marcalan77

    Update glitch?

    Yes more please.
  3. marcalan77

    Update glitch?

    Fine, you're right. But how many games do you own that erase everything you knew and reset your keybindings just to release a DLC that you may or may not have purchased. We won't even get into the creatures you may have imprinted losing levels and some of your server settings on non DLC maps being of no effect. Pffft. Sorry I said you were not true, my mistake.
  4. marcalan77

    Update glitch?

    Not true, to play Aberration you have to start fresh anyway. Mind wipes don't reset your keybindings. Just a lazy way to make their changes take effect.
  5. marcalan77

    Collecting materials with rock elemental - client crash

    Confirm, the same for me. Breaking rocks with anything crashes me the same way. Was getting black and gray texture for broken rocks before the last update.
  6. My personal server on windows has worked fine for a long long time. Since 264. and current my server crashes when I try to join. Restoring a previous backup worked once. But now that does not work anymore. What exactly did you change? Is it to do with the way the server saves the state of the game? Or is this by design?