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  1. From the latest patchnotes: Fixed a damage exploit with Ferox Ferox should now keep its imprint buff when in large form -- Well that technically should solve the damage dump from the movement speed, and large form will keep imprint. Now we'll just need to confirm if the total stat reshuffle (Even into Health, etc) and the Level bug have been fixed.
  2. Same here on our server, even with bloodpacks.
  3. Add your experiences here
  4. Still terribly bugged, my sister tamed a 180, tamed to 180, after podding and unpodding it went to 270, then when she transformed it, it went back to 180. Have they even acknowledged these bugs?
  5. I'm pretty pissed about it, I think it was intentional. I may be at the point where I can make plenty of them, but it was the nicest thing while I was out taming, or even if I wanted to start a new character. This map has multiple biomes and this has made it harder to be versatile without bringing a truckload of dinos. Want to store your underwater tames without building a base on a larger server? SOL until you get pods. bleh. Edit: It's been confirmed to be a mistake on Cedric's twitter.
  6. Yes! That's why I keep bumping this thread. Justice for Ferox
  7. That's interesting Scipizoa, I didn't notice that before! Yeah still experiencing this bug post today's patch. Sure, remove berry taming, leave in crippling stat resets lol. I've been using the S+ mutator to force their breeding without getting big so I can keep churning out ones with the stats I want, occasionally transforming a few for use when I need them but I still have 30+ in cryopods for when the bug is fixed. I uh, may have gone overboard on breeding the cuties, I just wish they'd get fixed
  8. I've had two scenarios. Scenario one: Take this baby, her mother had the "Lose movement levels" bug happen when she transformed and this was the baby, notice 73 points in melee, that was from the mom. (Note: I transformed her mom before cryopodding her) and the movement points were from her dad. Now, I cloned Cutey and then transformed the clone. Note: It doesn't have the [clone] tag when transformed The clone lost all movement levels and redistributed them.. notice 93 points in melee. Now that she has transformed she will keep these stats whe
  9. Kibble definitely works. I dragged one out with the hoverskiff, knocked it out, tamed it with extraordinary kibble
  10. Sadly I can confirm that it doesn't make a difference, I podded/unpodded a girl and she lost levels as she transformed, she even lost her name. That said, if you get one to transform and not lose levels it'll always be fine and can be cloned/bred. I transformed that one's babies and they didn't lose levels, but I've heard some people having trouble with babies too. So it's just kinda luck of the draw
  11. You can't grow Species X there because of the bugs and being only useful outside. You can grow crops inside a greenhouse made of stone with S+ Glass Ceilings Bugs will eat anything they get to, you even see it in the wild as they will eat shrubs and bushes. It's 100% intentional
  12. Still happening on unofficial PC patch 306.86
  13. Also experiencing this bug, unofficial PC, I transformed a freshly tamed 180 (269) and it went down to 180 and lost it's name as well. I can use my Ferox that I had transformed 3 days ago just fine, but I'm scared to transform any of my other ones now
  14. So.. I found a reaper queen on my server, it's unofficial but I guarantee there's no mods that would add it. I thought of this thread because when I found a king I wondered.. and was disappointed with the answers here, but now I see a queen on the S+ transmitter. So here's the bad news: It can't impregnate :(((((
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