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  1. Im just going on experience here not actual evidence but it feels like to me that things like gigas spawn later after a dino wipe. I mean if you keep doing dino wipes ull never see one but if you leave the spawns as they are and just play uve got more chance of one spawning. just how it feels to me
  2. Grinding metal and element on my extinction server to build a massive tek base as ive decided this time that i want to build a tek base early on before i get to far in. Normally by the time my base is tek ive done everything i want to do and im ready for the next playthrough!
  3. Also as they grow up they gain max health but they dont heal their minimum health. So as the bloody effect is based on percentage of health they appear more hurt but infact have the same hp as they started with or near enough. This might be what you mean, or it might not
  4. People who still only build a big box base on a PVE server, its pve use your imagination!!!
  5. Starting out on official pve server and playing for a week before i realised how terrible it was and every bit of map that wasnt a beach was pillered... been playing on unnoficial servers for 4 years now
  6. Everyone has been demanding that they do something to fix meshing for years. maybe, just maybe, it took so long or is taking so long becuase of exactly this problem. Its clearly not a simple fix... instead of complaining why dont you say ‘thankyou for working on the meshing problem, its not quite perfect yet, but hopefully you can improve on this’
  7. The only way to really polish a game is to completely stop changing it and stop adding stuff at all, does anyone want that?
  8. New maps, creatures and stuff make them money, bug fixing doesnt make them money or very little. i just wish gamers would be up for paying for a dlc that only fixed stuff, then these companies could put the effort into it. they have shareholders to answer too not just us.
  9. I’d have to say velonasaur aswell. They look super cool, theyre really useful when out in the wilds and i love breeding so having all 6 colour regions to play with is great! tek rexs would have to be second, i just love the way they look with different colours.
  10. If you want stat mutations and colour mutations its best to work on stat mutations first and then just keep to the side any cool colours you get. once your happy with the stat mutations then breed that creature with the colour you want until you get a creature with all the stats and the colour you want. theres lots of videos on YT explaining breeding, be careful if you dont do it right ull end up with a creature with too many multiplied mutations.
  11. If you build a big room the game thinks your outside, just make your crafting room (or whatever rooms you use the most) small.
  12. build a raft asap instead and park it in shallow water then ull have no issues again until you have the stuff to kill them.
  13. If you breed a few more of those rexs so you have 19 you could probably do 2 bosses back to back, save you some travelling. Not dragon though
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