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  1. They already have models for this all over extinction, the tables, benches, lamp posts ect... it would be so easy for then to do!
  2. The best way to get alot of mutations without going over the limit is by breeding mutated offspring with the original dinos.
  3. Yeh there is definatly a lack of stuff down there. I managed to find a group of ravagers near the portal looking thing, but i couldnt find anymore anywhere!
  4. If you go on dododex you can input the damage % of ur crossbow and compare the no. Of hits with any orher weapon!
  5. If you want to build bases like that rent your own server? From what i saw your base was just lots of massive empty rooms made of hundreds of walls and ceilings. Your lagging like poop just moving around, is that not a sign that theres a problem?
  6. If you can get the water buff use a spino, if you cant, use a rex but also if your getting trained by wilds spino can turn much more easily!
  7. Im just guessing here but you could prob level all speed and drop them into the mesh while running and getting through the mesh?
  8. As long as you make sure you always breed the mutated one with one of the original ‘all stat, zero mutations’ dinos you can get infinite levels BUT! The further you go the chances of a new mutation goes waaaay down. Think about it, The baby you want will need to have all previous mutations PLUS a new one AND in a stat you want. The more mutations you already have just makes it much more rare to get a new one! i find taming alot of wilds to find really good stats in the first place is a big help and much quicker, even if your breeding settings are super high.
  9. Yeh you should really watch a video on youtube or read up if you want really good dinos. the way i do it is i tame a load til i get high stats in what i want ( normally melee and health) then breed them all together til i have a male and female with exactly the same stats (be careful you can get 2 the same lvl with different stats) but zero mutations. name these 2 perfect or all stats or something like that. Then breed them till you get a baby with a mutation in a stat you want ( ull know because itll be 2 levels higher ) wait for it to grow up then breed it with the opposi
  10. They increased its ‘drag weight’ so you cant pick then up. Eat a rare flower and lure it into a pen!
  11. Im not really sure what the problem is? Are you saying your breeding dinos together that are 187 and not getting any mutations? Are dinos over 187 disappearing? Just incase your not aware. Every dino you tame will have the amount of levels it has randomly split between all its stats. So in theory it shouldnt be too hard ,with your difficulty setting, to tame 6 dinos each with 40 points in each stat except movement speed. If you then breed them all together to get all the stats into one dino you should get a dino that is lvl 240. Obviously you wouldnt do this but it just shows how it
  12. Try updating your game. This was a problem that got fixed a couple of patches ago on pc.
  13. If you play on official or console yea, but you will still be able to play the original map?
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