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  1. how the hell could they release this DLC without having a working & safe transfer system? isn't there a single person in their team who realized it would be a big problem for unofficial server owners ? if you devs read this, im sorry but you guys suck.
  2. can someone explain the point of the clusterid ? does it restrict the character/dino transfer to the two servers ?
  3. Hey do someone found a way to make SE dinos spawn naturally on vanilla maps ? I tried NPC replacement but it doesnt work
  4. can we make the SE dinos spawn naturally on the center ? I tried NPCreplace but doesnt work like this for example NPCReplacements=(FromClassName="Dodo_Character_BP_C",ToClassName="Jerboa_Character_BP_C")
  5. Can we disable the transfer cooldown on our servers, so the players can go to the new map and come back whenever they want ? Plus it would be great if all the structures ownership was saved cross-servers. Then it could more or less work like a single server, thats what I'm looking for. Edit : In my opinion these two things are vital to have a good integration of your DLC on our servers. I don't want to have two separate servers.
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