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  1. What does "integrate it into the main game" even mean? The whole point of Prim+ was to not have as much higher technology in the game. So just adding everything to the base game is out. That is not Primitive. Sure, I would really like to see the cauldron in base game, since it is so much better than the cooking pot and getting indu cookers takes a bit. One could add the lumber tier and similar things to the game, and for PVE style building that is great. But for PVP, what's the point? PVP buildings consist of Stone at first, since it's relatively quick to access level and ressource wise and it offers some protection. Thatch and wood is pretty useless as a PVP building tier, and even the dino protection is questionable. Then you'l want metal, as the "best tier". Probably tek at some point, but my experience with that is limited, pvp wise. With pvp you'll always want the best defence you can possibly afford if you value your stuf, everything else is just redundant. I'd say make it a mod probably... But keep some official servers running it. Or find some other way to "remove" some high tek things from the game to create a more primitive playstyle. But yes, Prim+ has lots of great ideas that I could see in the base game, to improve / enhance the normal Ark. That is a different discussion from "how do we get a primitive playstyle" though.
  2. That is correct. Stats wise, they are really only worth it if they are above 150, and ideally have high specialized stats for breeding. Still, they have the potential to be quite a bit better than their normal versions, so why not make them a bit harder to get? It's not like this blocks anyone in the earlier stages of the game, you don't really need them that badly. They're "just higher level"
  3. Yeah, I don't know either. It confuses me as well, then again, I don't feel like either of those is all that insanely important, so whatever... They DID however bump down the Karkinos from extraordinary to exceptional. Thanks for that. So you need Basilisk, Bronto, Giga, Quetz, Rex, Therizino or Yuty Eggs for it. It helps I guess, though it still seems to be quite high for "THE aberration farming companion". On second thought... The only dino of those that is actually native to aberration is the Basilisk. While Spinos NEED exceptional Kibble, their eggs only produce superior kibble according to the announcement list. That seems... rather not thought through to me? I think I'd like to see Spino eggs in the "produce exceptional kibble" list, same as the Megalosaurus... Maybe someone who plays more on aberration can comment on their relative strength? Also, again: Since Tek dinos are a different species, and potentially a lot more powerfull than their normal variants, please consider again to bump them up a cathegory in the kibble list? That would flesh out the extraordinary cathegory, adding Tex Rexes and Tek Quetzals to it.
  4. @Gabriel388 Please use a normal font? This huge grey font is a real PITA to read. I agree in principle that having Herbivore/Carnivore/Omnivore kibble would also be a neat idea. Another thing that I feel should be mentioned again: Carnivores in general, and Gigas in particular are NOT difficult to tame. It is way easier to tame a Giga early than say a Therizino. Yes, yes, Gigas are dangerous and take lots of narcotics and tranqs, but if you know what you're doing you can do that 8 hours after starting from scratch with like 5 to 10 dedicated people. We did exactly that on cross11. You don't need kibble, mutton is just fine. Especially on Ragnarok this is really easy. Arguably, if you do this during times one, you get +70 levels from kibble, and +59 from mutton, so you loose out on 11 levels. During times two (evo event), this changes to +73 with kibble and +70 with mutton. With times three it's 74 vs 72 levels. So for small tribes, during evo events and all boosted servers you simply DO NOT NEED CARNIVORE KIBBLE. This I think should also be addressed. Again, Herbivores really lack something between kibble and berries, like mutton does for almost all carnivores and herbivores. I also feel like the effectiveness of kibble should be improves, so it takes even less time with kibble. Otherwise, for carnivores at least, you can just ignore kibble. It is still a lot more difficult to obtain, and it does not do much more than mutton does. Regarding cooking pot vs industrial cooker: I still feel like either the slot size of the cooking pot should be at least doubled, or there should be an in between cooker with like 50 slots or irrigation. Cooking lots of stuf with a cooking pot is an absolute pain in the butt, but the industrial cooker is a REALLY long way down the path, level requirement wise.
  5. I'd like to add another 2 cents based on Noodle's wiki update - thank you very much for that. I would still like to point out that, with the exception of Rockarot and Savoroot on Ragnarok, advanced crops are harder to come by for small/solo or starting out players, since they require farming, which requires both in game time and a visible base, more or less. Thus there is quite a step in the difficulty of obtaining basic kibble and simple kibble and above, or basic plus simple kibble and regular and above if we include Ragnarok. However, basic kibble does not contain usefull starter dinos which help with farming. What I would like to see: remove Rockarot from the simple kibble recipe (replace with something else, sap or flowers / mushrooms even) and add some more early game utility/farming dinos to this group. Mainly Ankylo/Doedi, some random berry gathering / transport / mobility dino like Equus or Gigantopithecus. Castorides even, I don't quite see why it is so far along the tree. Also some light meat gather dino and some amphibian dino like Sabre, Direwolf, Kapro, Belzebuffo, Sarco or Baryonix. Purlovia would also be interesting since they can be quite valuable for small and starting out players to hide things. The other thing which I really do not understand is the placement of the Karkinos. Does anyone see any reason why it is in the last kibble tier, even above Quetz, Giga, Rexes and such? From what I understand, Karkinos + Anky/Doed is the goto farming strategy on Aberration? Since there are no Argys / Quetzals to grab them, and Paracer Platform can not jump so has diminished mobility, Karkinos is the way to go? Putting Karkinos in the last kibble tier seems to really increase the difficulty of Aberration farming. One other idea that just popped into my head, also considering that the extraordinary kibble is pretty empty - maybe put Tek creatures in the next higher kibble tier from their base variants? Since they give you more potential, why not make them harder to get?
  6. It is useful for PVP, since Scuba has low durability and low armor. What I've seen someone do is: use lazarus, equip flak, whenever you're low on oxygen/stam, get to a save spot, equip scuba for a bit, switch back to flak. Sounds like a good idea to me. Otherwise, Scuba is pretty high level. I've used lazarus on a PVP server during start to farm pearls, since no one had the level for scuba yet. And if it weren't for Longrass and Savoroot I'd suspect more might think of using it. But what's the point in using advanced dishes for kibble, if all they do is add another step? Why not just add the base ingredients to the kibble recipe? Besides, when I was cooking kibble, what I've usually done is: throw all eggs in the cooker. Throw fibre and mejos in, a stack or two of all advanced crops. Throw in cooked fish if available, then cooked meat. What til every kibble with this is done. Add normal jerky, wait until all kibble with those is done. See what's left, check what's important, add cooked prime and prime jerky. Everything else is just... With so many different kibbles, it's jsut way too much hassle to check each recipe individually. With 6 it's manageable, so whatever. You can probably make lazarus and whatever else you need at the same time, though I'd prefer if the combined ingredients do not also produce 5 other soups or so. Gee, no thanks. I've got better things to do. Not much sense in 20, 100, however many people doing the same boring repetitive task anyway. Sure, I know it could be done. Would've been way easier for them (WC) to release a list though. Maybe a better one exists on reddit or so, that's what I was asking.
  7. Nice to know, thanks. But what would I refer to then? I'm not going to try all of this by hand just to be able to comment on it. I've said my piece for this iteration anyway. Let's see what they're doing with it.
  8. The consequence of having to tame a dino from the tier to get the eggs for this tier, IMHO, would be similar to what we have now. You tame some low level meat eaters with prime/mutton to get eggs, then kibble tame the rest. Then that low level dino is obsolete, in effect just beeing a kibble dino. It's still more convenient, yes. It's likely to happen anyway, especially with mutton tames if you're low on kibble. But on the note of progression and QoL, I vote for some (ideally usefull) higher tier dinos to use lower tier kibble. Regarding obsolete dinos - I think there might be less of those than some of you might think. Some people use other dinos just because they like them better, like the moth example. I've known people who have used Diplos for PVP tanking, just because they happened to find one with an insane HP stat. I personally favor Spinos to Rexes and am thus annoyed that Tek Rexes exist and trump Spinos for boss fights. Some like carnos, which to me are useless. Yes, some dinos don't see that much use, and I personally won't mind not having to tame say a Pachy just because I need it's kibble for Paracers. I don't feel like I'm loosing progression or content because of this. I feel like I'll have more time to spend on things which are fun to me, which is great.
  9. I really like the "fused" approach, being able to use a class of eggs for one kibble which in turn tames a class of dinos is a huge help. I also like that the basic kibble class does not require advanced crops, so it's really accessible for early players. But as others have pointed out, I'd like to see some changes to the dinos which can be tamed with each kibble class. I'd like to see a progression like with the old system, meaning basic kibble should tame at least some dinos which produce eggs for simple kibble and so on. I'm also looking at important early game and farming tames... I'm using the list from the Kibble wiki page as reference. First you need a mobility and weight dino, and narcotics to tame, so berries and meat. The only dinos from the basic kibble list which help here are Parasaur and Vulture (does it gather meat? I never checked). Typical early game tames I think should also be tamed with basic kibble include trikes, phiomias, equus. Maybe a Raptor. Dimorphodons, Microraptors maybe? That could be interesting in PVP if these were easy to tame early. Then we need flyers and farmers. Pteranodon (basic), Argy(superior) + Anky(regular)/Doedi, Quetz or Paracer as Farming upgrade. Some wood gatherer in PVP for charcoal, ideally one that can be grabbed by the argy. Thorny dragon is regular kibble, but restricted to SE. Beaver and Mamoth is superior, Theri exceptional. An angler(regular) for electronics if you're not on extinction. Right arround the same time some meat gatherer/battle dino like bear, spino, rex (superior to exceptional). Maybe a fibre gatherer first, so Direbear, Megatherium or Gigantophitecus. Also, advanced crops are comparatively hard to get if you're starting out. You need to plant them and wait for them to grow. You can't gather them. So the step from basic to simple kibble is quite substantial. Ideally, I'd like to see simple kibble not use advanced crops, and have simple kibble be sufficient for the basic mounts, so ptera, anky/doed and some wood and fibre gatherer. Argys and all meat eaters can be tamed with prime or mutton relatively quickly, so this applies mostly to all herbivores. A 150 Rex is 1.5h with prime during 2x event. A 150 Ankylo is 3h on mejos. Heck, even a Giga is a shorter tame with 1h50m on prime. In general I think herbivore kibble should be more accessible than carnivore kibble, due to the "no prime/mutton for herbivores" issue. I'm also not sold on the names, honestly. Writing this, I initially confused basic and simple kibble and thought that simple is the kibble before basic. English is not my native language, but that just sounds like the same to me... Same with extraordinary and exceptional, and to a certain degree with superior. If it's superior, shouldn't it be the "best"? I guess it's not the most important thing, but from a "make a system as intuitive as possible" standpoint, I'd welcome other names for the kibbles. Just use the egg size names, even. Not directly to do with kibble, but closely related: cooking kibble and other consumables without an industrial cooker is really really annoying due to the low slot count (and missing irrigation) of cooking pots. Prim+ has the cauldrons, which are not irrigated, but have 50 slots. They are such an immense QoL improvement over cooking pots, even without irrigation, it's ridiculous. So please, PLEASE, as part of the kibble tree revamp, either double the slots of cooking pots, or add a new cooking structure with more slots somewhere between the simple cooking pot and the industrial cooker. Or change cooking pots so they can be irrigated.
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