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  1. Your ARK Stories!

    Can I obtain permission to publish my ark story? I played for a very long time and from my beginnings as a lone naked player building my first wood hut(before beavers we're even heard of)like and hand berry taming my first triceratops all the way to leading one of the most aggressive server raiding alphas with third generation mutated gigas. It was a long, fun , heartbreaking, pulse pounding life consuming experience. Don't know if I'll ever get that value of time spent in a game ever again
  2. Here's a good suggestion to make an off brand server sound amazing. Try a cluster set to no flyers . Would be amazing, I would love to play where only land tames were allowed
  3. OK ark devs, good job on Tek teir. Im lvl 90 ark Xbox with 2k+ hrs logged so please hear me out on this. Tek teir is awesome, and completly useless to huge tribes. For instance I wouldn't trade a piece of Tek armor for any piece of my riot gear, why? My riot is 400+ armor and 500+ durability. Tek is 150 armor and can't handle a strong ptera spin, I also don't appreciate not being able to transport it, or put element in a fridge like device. Really no reason to bother with Tek armor, let Tek bps and ascendant Tek sets be real soon please. My second request is that you revisit your decision to have turrets target c4 on a tame instead of just the tame. dodo bombs, and ptera bombs(being able to spin a ptera with C4 placed on its body) should be legitimate strategies to war and raiding. It's clever , not a glitch or hack. I can understand turret quetzals were to op . But tame bombs? That's to far man.
  4. Ice seen titanosaurs on the island, redwood is in the center of the.map, update your server or play official bro , Please put the tapejara on scorched would be amazing