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  1. Your ARK Stories!

    Can I obtain permission to publish my ark story? I played for a very long time and from my beginnings as a lone naked player building my first wood hut(before beavers we're even heard of)like and hand berry taming my first triceratops all the way to leading one of the most aggressive server raiding alphas with third generation mutated gigas. It was a long, fun , heartbreaking, pulse pounding life consuming experience. Don't know if I'll ever get that value of time spent in a game ever again
  2. HUGE alpha tribe shoutout BB

    Tracking a player is easier than taming a squid. I once followed a fellow through six servers to kill his birds. Good times
  3. Here's a good suggestion to make an off brand server sound amazing. Try a cluster set to no flyers . Would be amazing, I would love to play where only land tames were allowed
  4. OK ark devs, good job on Tek teir. Im lvl 90 ark Xbox with 2k+ hrs logged so please hear me out on this. Tek teir is awesome, and completly useless to huge tribes. For instance I wouldn't trade a piece of Tek armor for any piece of my riot gear, why? My riot is 400+ armor and 500+ durability. Tek is 150 armor and can't handle a strong ptera spin, I also don't appreciate not being able to transport it, or put element in a fridge like device. Really no reason to bother with Tek armor, let Tek bps and ascendant Tek sets be real soon please. My second request is that you revisit your decision to have turrets target c4 on a tame instead of just the tame. dodo bombs, and ptera bombs(being able to spin a ptera with C4 placed on its body) should be legitimate strategies to war and raiding. It's clever , not a glitch or hack. I can understand turret quetzals were to op . But tame bombs? That's to far man.
  5. HUGE alpha tribe shoutout BB

    You can't handle server 409 or 208 😎
  6. HOW do you counter DDos-raid strategy?

    Ddos is something hard for devs to catch it's not a hiccup their systems can easily identify, heavy base lag and raiding also generates disconnects which is what they will usually believe your issue to be. I've seen people use Omni lights to flash players raiding them into disconnecting . Nature of the game, since we can't use dodo bombs or ptera bombs now (legit ways to raid) people find clever ways to affect their opponents character connection. Sucks.
  7. tek tier Boss Battles Strats

    I can't confirm it works, but I've heard a turtle buildparacertherium with rocket turret and mini gun is the best way to approach that
  8. Lol, come wipe this tribe because I got kicked, and claiming their never on but we're actually on long enough to kick you . What other misinformation do you have for us?
  9. Ice seen titanosaurs on the island, redwood is in the center of, update your server or play official bro , Please put the tapejara on scorched would be amazing
  10. Saddle Jacking (it's a problem)

    I would say in my opinion the pteranodon as it stands is the single most dangerous tame one can acquire and breed. A good squad of pteranodon riders need not fear..... Anything really. The one thing we used to fear were turret quetzals , however with the introduction of homing rockets perhaps this may change when cross server wars begin to take place, though I don't see that happening for a few months at least.
  11. Saddle Jacking is a very valid combat maneuver. However, the pteranodon if focused on speed becomes unstoppable with the feature. I recommend two things. 1, prevent pteranodon from being able to pull another off their bird and leave this ability solely to bigger birds ie. Argentavis, quetzals. Or create a saddle harness with a health meter, so when a pteranodon tries to snatch you off a rex or other bird they have to make multiple attempts to do so (perhaps clinging to the person and entering a player vs player mode to cut the saddle or harness from the bird. Or land tame) wars are fought and won with pteranodon guys, and argentavis and quetzals make for poor combat birds due to this.
  12. Network multiple servers into a super Ark!

    I would love to see a massive super ark , where each tribe from the biomes can invade/raid cross map (this feature exists to a smaller degree but cannot demand tribute since I can't take items between servers) .
  13. I've played ark for a long time and remember when all the island servers were generally alive and well used, when the center came out smashing join for hours just to get in ,and now again with scorched earth, however I've noticed most old servers these days seem fairly dead. I propose using a similar system like never winter online, where when people join ark for the first time (no tribe) they be filtered into servers directly to start filling some up, simply by choosing the map itself. This game is social, and many people play it differently. From people who simply want to tame , to terrifying savages brutalizing tames and bases with rockets when their opponents have none. It's like a second life and many people's personality's, or vices shine through. Full servers allow players old and new a chance to get acquainted , and with new players seeing mega bases bristling with turrets and (let's face it) the most dangerous tame, the pteranodon they may be intimidated away from playing solo, or interacting with other tribes. old tribes fear new players for they may be inside wiped. I recommend filtering players first into extinction maps. And as they progress in level or reputation being given the opportunity to expand onward to constant growth servers. Speaking as a savage who has been caged out of servers several times it seem prudent to give new players a fighting chance to learn and grow, develop their ark personality before they encounter alpha tribes who crush up and coming tribes, or dangerous solo players looking for the PVP thrill. I've know benevolent alpha alliances however these are extremely rare. More often once a tribe achieves high tech teirs they simply crush the remainder of the server to assert that dominance. And then disappear themselves when no more challenge may present itself. For your consideration, - (give me sotf and league already) -Savage