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  1. seriously upset with how this is going right now. Aside from all the numerous push backs on the dates for release which is understandable from a development standpoint. What in the F(&$#(k is going on with cross play. We were told we could play with other people on xbox servers. However, all i see ever loading up are these "Cross play servers". My entire intention of re downloading ark on my windows 10 store was for the better performance. Ark is such a demanding title the xbox simply cannot run it properly when compared to the steam version. I have played it now a few times on windows 10 store, and it runs great, when it works and i dont have to reinstall DLC. But lets face it, big companies are too busy trying to worry about getting EOTY fiscal reports to make investors happy atm to care about client base. So instead i sit here sulking, wanting to play ARK on a more usable platform, on the new Aberration server i have already sunk hundreds of hours into. but i cant, why, because a promise that was made, was vaguely made and misled me to believe that i would be able to join EXISTING SERVERS!!! I guess i was wrong to think that for once, what i had hoped for with ark would be delivered. and the lack of response from the devs on a topic that is clearly as fresh as this is an indication that either nothing is being done, or there is still no solution to it. But to be left in the dark...just cant believe it. But of course why should you care, i have already paid you a ridiculous amount of money for a steam version, an xbox version, 3 dlcs.....i really hate the fact i have even done that honestly. the game is so great and you all have my full support, but for the love of god. FIX THIS poop! I want to log into my existing server, and play at 2k res with my 60fps i get on your cross play servers, but i want to see the base i have already made in all its glory. I just went thru another 20 minutes of pain just to get the game to load (uninstall reinstall of dlc) just to find out that the existing servers still arent there. TLDR: windows 10 ver still broke af, where are my existing official servers (not new crummy cross play servers)
  2. Same, just going tonwait until it get patched over. Shouldnt be too long.
  3. Okay, so clearly got ahead of myself. I, like the others here started experiencing this problem AFTER it had been working correctly. The first time the game loaded in , all the geometry was failing to render properly outside of initial spawn area, and any harvest-able objects were not loading in in those locations either. I closed out game and restarted it later with no problems. And everything was loading beautifully. Aside from only having cluster servers atm (i understand the process and am eagerly waiting inclusion of all officials), however, I went to hop on this morning to see if the clusters are up yet again, but now the game wasn't loading so i found myself here. I have gone thru all steps, first uninstalling Aberration. No help. Then i attempted what others had done and uninstalled SE. I think i the dialog stayed open for a tenth of a second longer but still crashed out just as video above. I have also now just clicked "Reset App", under the Advanced tab for Ark in "Add or Remove Programs". I had to go back to the store and click install on both SE and Aberration but it only takes a few seconds for it to recognize the files are installed. But this has not fixed my issue either. Still having crash on startup. I am going to avoid reinstalling the entire game since my only current goal is to play on my official with this version, I'm in no rush until that is fully available. Sorry if i was no help, but hopefully my LACK of being able to fix it can help lead to a solution.
  4. reinstalling my Aberration DLC atm. I would claim this as solved for now. And on the topic of Windows 10 issues, is there any ETA on joining of officials aside from the Cross Play clusters? Or even just to know what we are waiting on, I know there was talk of anti-cheat inclusion. (sorry for attempted thread jack)
  5. You have severely misunderstood something. If you own the game and the DLC on xbox store. It syncs to the WINDOWS store. This is not a Steam/Microsoft cross play. Go to the MS Store on your windows 10 device, log in with your microsoft account you use for your main GOLD xbox account, and all digitally purchased content from your xbox profile will be downloadable at no charge.
  6. They are actually quite close to the accurate size in scale with the player model. I have been to a museum and atood within a megalodon jaw. Teeth the size of your hand with fingers together. Happy swimming!
  7. Wait, a realease date with actual times.......im just going to wait and see about this.
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