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  1. CHIMERA 50x <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> 50x Harvest Rates <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> 4 Man Tribes <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> Custom Drops <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> Turret Limit 400 <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> Max Dino 300/360/380 <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> Cave Flyers <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> Boosted Player Stats <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> All Maps <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> Weekly GiveAways + Events <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> Active Admins (We Do Not Play Server) <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> Alpha Points <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> Custom Crafts and Stacks <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> Insta Tame + Fast Breeding (for a NoWipe) <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> No Noglins <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> Balanced Turret Damage For Player and Dino HP <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> 20% Stronger Structures <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> Discord Dono Shop <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> Discord Coin Shop <a:ArrowRightGlow:1063836726260416522> Discord Games https://discord.gg/CHIMERA50X
  2. CHIMERA 50X Boosted Farming Modded Drops Low Crafting Costs Alpha Points Giveaways/ Events boosted farming, taming, fast breeding tims, fast incubation times, starter kit style drops, beaver dams are fat, easy to get element, element to compass for map transfer, boosted, player stats, flyer speed, cave flyers on, PVP, RAID , NO ORP, Come play Have Fun with our full PVP boosted Cluster for Ps4 and Ps5 Ark Survival Evolved Fresh no wipe cluster just Opened 2 weaks ago. https://discord.gg/AN8vU2fWyW
  3. https://discord.gg/fzwG5Bqe https://invitelink.me/CHIMERA50X https://discord.gg/CHIMERA50X
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