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  1. Wow. Less admin abuse on our unofficial. Wipe without warning is unfair. This kind of defense happens literally all the time. Center bear cave anyone? If the giga bites through the mesh, why didn't they take up about a half dozen kentros and send them in? Rage the giga then push. I see the giga taking damage. Why are they not able to kill it? Or damage it enoughto make it retreat? Shoot some rockets against the nearby walls.
  2. RasFW

    Large Crop Plots are frozen.

    He is saying they are currently broken. No fertilizer, that plant should have died and it become an empty plot. It didnt do that. The plant remains without fertilizer. It didnt make berries, so he did some troubleshooting and noticed theres a bug.
  3. RasFW

    Large Crop Plots are frozen.

    He is saying there is a bug with crops. On my unofficial, crops wont grow unless rendered. I think the same thing is happening to him, or very similar.
  4. RasFW

    Next tek dino?

    Tek trilobite!
  5. RasFW

    The next type of server I want to see.

    Just chiming in on the no fly comments... We are doing that on unofficial and it is actually pretty great. Got 15-20 active players and I've never seen the variety of creatures used on any other server. We had, at the same time, rexes, baryonyx, Raptors, allos, a giga, bears and even someone on a pachycephylosaurus fighting at a base last night. I do hope the next set of rules is a no fly variant. We are absolutely loving the changes it makes to PvP.
  6. I don't recommend making out with your drake. That was the question, right?
  7. RasFW

    plant x slow growing ?

    I'm having a similar issue. Used tip be I could plant one today and it would be mature tomorrow. Been at midling for at least a day and a half now.
  8. RasFW

    Better Unofficial PvP Server Longevity?

    I stopped reading at your first sentence. Nobody holds hands here. My tribe is involved in 2 wars right now and I can count several other wars I know between other tribes. On unofficial, we have no aimbotters, dupers, undermeshers, ESP or INI hackers, or any other shady people. That is the first point I want to make about our community being better. The second point, our admin is fair and plays as much as everyone else. He declares no rules on the server, outside cheating, exploiting and hacking. Having an active admin around to remove cheaters, pick you up out of terrain float traps (we all know those glitch spots) and fix game bugs is absolutely worth the smaller population. The third point, I'm here at work. My whole tribe is offline. Even though I'm actively involved in 2 wars, and they are online, I have no fear that they are going to offline raid and wipe my base. Again, this is not a "rule" of the server. The community feels that offline raiding is a "raptor" move, so we just simply don't do it. We are here for PvP, and we dont intepret that as "Player vs Passives".
  9. RasFW

    Better Unofficial PvP Server Longevity?

    Community is better on unofficial pvp. That's the short of it lol I can build and progress and still have my wars. On official, I just feel like I'm farming mats for a bigger tribe or trollier troll to come raid and steal.
  10. RasFW

    Better Unofficial PvP Server Longevity?

    Our server has been talking of a "rolling refresh" which is exactly that. If it gets stale, take the least used or oldest map and give it 2 weeks to be transferred off of. Then kill it and start a new map. Sounds like we might be exactly what you're looking for lol
  11. RasFW

    How to deal with Alpha Leeds?

    2 plants will kill an alpha leed before it can catch up and hit your boat. I've killed dozens on our center server by slowly rafting away from them with species x on target all. They're a cancer to the eastern seas.
  12. RasFW

    How to deal with Alpha Leeds?

    Hang one species x off the back to deter them. 2 to kill them. Use a motorboat. It really is that simple.
  13. RasFW

    Better Unofficial PvP Server Longevity?

    Our pvp server has a no wipe policy. We had one wipe in our history, and that was very recent. The only reason we wiped is because we had a ton of interest from new members and wanted to change our rule set. Myself, as the only tribe and full tek alpha of the server, and the server admin agreed to restart. Decided to fresh start ourselves and start the server with a no fly rule. It was a one time deal. If you want a no wipe unofficial cluster that is active, you can message me. We aren't allowed to "advertise" our servers outside the specific forum. I'm hoping this is on topic enough to not be seen as an "advertisement."
  14. RasFW

    USA only country with. ..

    What do you mean the rest of the world doesnt celebrate July 4th? Do y'all need some FREEDOM?!
  15. RasFW

    Destroy Plant X base

    Regular grenades also work well against X