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  1. Title says it .. We are trying to find a diffinitive answer to the question of Server difficulty effecting dino levels in Genesis Missions. We are on difficulty offset 28 so max wild dino level is 840 on a privated dedicated server. we are just now starting some of the mission like Bog Beat down. After watching server videos on how it is done and watching them go at ease with killing we decided to do it and found that our dinos where not in the level range of serveral videos.. and we was getting shredded in Acendant Crafted flak with good rolls. So seeing if is scaling with server settings
  2. Never mind i just figure out .. Thanks for repsonding. tho.. sorry for the trouble. lol
  3. Thank you for the response Mod list. Structures Plus S+ Egg N Poop Collector Marvelous Spyglass, BA Gacha Crystal Collector Castle Keeps: remastered Castle Keeps: Science Fiction Eco Stables Eco Garden Eco Camp Werkrats Spoil Bin All steam mods
  4. Greetings all. My crew and me are just coming back from a break from the game and we booted up a private server i am hosting. And we seen something that we have not scene before. Was Gatcha added to the Island servers now? if so when and if not which mod would do it? for i only added building mods and i tripled check those and none said anything about adding dinos to the server. So any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. I am so glad Ark is making this great leap forward as a player that has with the game thru PC, Xbox and Now PS4. I will be getting pre-order for collector edition just to continue to show support for game. I wish they would announce when console player dedicated servers for PS4 and Xbox will get cross server access. And when PS4 will be getting access to join PC via Steam or another outlet for server join up
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