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  1. Talking unofficial queens. We are trying to get prego.
  2. Reapers disapeared from abb Since the last update. Reapers have completely disapeared from abb. Our server admin said he didnt do anything. So I'm here asking what the heck. And is anyone else experiencing this.
  3. I suggest adding beavers on abb. I really hate the rat. I would love to see more abb dinos. Such as megatherium, abb lacks a good thatch harvester. I hope you consider this.
  4. Cluster includes rag and ext. Can transfer anything
  5. Couldn't have said it better my self. What you said is exactly what I wanted to say. Thank you!
  6. Ty. And honestly I had forgotten about the red pillars killing u. I knew they were bad. Just forgot they killed u. Either way. Its not fair to have such a harsh instakill system. We have enough to worry about on ark extinction.
  7. I wasn't asking for the dino back. I'm asking for more time to get out. More messages and/ or less damage when u go past. I'm a slow person it takes me awhile to register things. I have a neurological disorder. I'm usually fine but the rapid damage from the edge is too fast!
  8. He is not to blame with this. U can't control an out of control dino. I got stuck in a crevice. I thought it was a cave I saw wild dinos in there. Once the damage started I didn't have enough time to turn around. We all know the turn radius on a wyvern. And in a closed space turning around would take time. Which I didn't have. You literally have 5 to 10 seconds before your killed. This is not enough time!
  9. Yes it did. Then I tried turning around on my wyvern and got stuck in a wall. I wasn't able to turn around fast enough then it one shot me. And my wyv
  10. Seriously. I was given all of 5 seconds before the edge killed me, my wyvern, and my shine horn. Losing everything, i go home grab my gryphon. Parking it safely and run in. Only halfway in I die again! And so does my gryphon! HE WAS INSIDE THE ZONE! And he still died! This is way OP. AND REALLY HARSH! Give at least a warning. I lost all my good ascendant gear and my cryopods with dinos in them! I was told not to go past the red towers. But I got glitched. Into the wall trying to flee. And it's hard to see where the wall starts. And where u can move safely. U have really screwed me. I'm very disappointed in u ark.
  11. I've been playing this game on xbox since December last year. It's been fine till recently, I've been crashing to home 10+ times a day. I tried reinstalling, restarting my router, I saw that this is an old issue. Well it's really causing a lot of problems, I am afraid to leave my base, go deep sea diving, why should I play a game that doesn't work, and continues to not work? I pay $100 for the game and can't even play? What does this say about ur programmers? Don't get me wrong I love the game, but maybe start thinking about what's effecting us and less on how to line ur pockets.
  12. Anything else besides a new dino? Dont get me wrong, i love new dinos. But there's bugs out the wazoo,and a lot of lag going on. Would be nice to be able to play without lagging, and be able to have more options in the settings, just saying.
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