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  1. Someone is flying round with a oviraptor and stole my quetzal egg. It's a pve server so other players shouldn't be able to fool with me much. Why can they steal my eggs? I worked hard for the egg and now it's gone. Wild card why won't you let me submit a ticket? I'd like some help replacing what I lost please.
  2. I've reported the pillaring. They do nothing. The game is full of bugs. They do NOTHING. While they do absolutely nothing about the problems they have, they work on the center, and that's not coming out. So we get absolutely nothing for buying a game. AGAIN. Wild card Is there anything yall are doing? Maybe FIX THE GAME. more maps and love bugs shouldn't not even be on your radar when the game has so many problems. I can't even pick a fish up to give it to an otter and the entire map is pillared off on officials but you're trying to put a new map out with all the same problems this map has. Come on we need to use a bit of common sense. Just stop all the extras and make the island work. Then move on to the next thing.
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