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  1. Well done Wildcard, keep up the good work. Congrats on the full release and launch
  2. @StudioWildcard Thanks for choosing my pic for the super res contest. After the first 1000 hrs, still so much to do. Love this game.
  3. TheBodyFarmer

    The Obsidian Keep

    We had a corrupted game save and lost my last build projects. So I have started over and this is the chronicle of the Obsidian Keep. It's still a WIP, but I enjoy working on it.
  4. A big THANK YOU to Wildcard for making the dinosaur game I always wanted! That being said, I don't understand the need for the paid DLC, but I understand the reasoning for creating the expansion. Testing the features that will be a part of future dlc integrating with core gameplay is fine and I would rather you get the system right in early access. I own ark on both xbox and pc and I will buy the expansion for both. Considering the amount of gameplay I have put into it and the amount I see putting into it in the future, the price for all of it has been a steal. The game will only get better for release and I will continue to play and support Wildcard.
  5. TheBodyFarmer

    TBF Bait & Bar

    Here are a couple of early images for the project. I would like to get it worthy of the Arkitect. Lots of work still to do.
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