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  1. The click on the title doesnt work to download the HQ-version of the images
  2. I was wondering if people actually read the old digests or not. This question was asked like three times already ^^
  3. German version of the ARK Digest: http://arkforum.de/blog/index.php/Entry/54-ARK-Uebersichtswoche-42-ARK-Digest-42/
  4. Will update first post on the upcoming weekend, quite busy these days.
  5. So you actually did this whole ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems=(........) twice and below each other?
  6. Should be like this. There will me one more brackets with a comma, before the second "SupplyCrateClassString" starts - please give it a try and modify it to your needs. I am actually quite sure that this should work:
  7. I got confirmation of the same value. ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems= I will add it in the first post.
  8. As stated in several previous answers above, there is something missing what the Devs forgot to tell us and what let all the theory above just remain theory. There is something missing that assigns this code to a variable or something. @Jeremy Stieglitz or @Zane might could bring some light into the dark.
  9. I already contacted WC to ask about the things of maybe a missing variable in the beginning. I will keep you posted guys asap i got an update.
  10. Hi guys, I hereby present you my tutorial to set up your loot crates. I have done this tutorial in good belief and based on how I got information from Wildcard and my own understanding. Please do not blame me, if it does not work as intended :-) Explaining the code fragments I firstly will explain the basic code fragments for you. This example was posted in the patch notes earlier: ConfigOverrideSupplyCrateItems=(SupplyCrateClassString="SupplyCrate_Level03_C",MinItemSets=1,MaxItemSets=1,NumItemSetsPower=1.0,bSetsRandomWithoutReplacement=true,ItemSets=((MinNumItems=2,MaxNumIt
  11. As long as you find three other people it will be fine. I think you even can just join as a single person, but your chances will be lower to win of course.
  12. Tom

    Unicorn Dossier

    Dont miss that unicorn: http://arkforum.de/index.php/Attachment/5701-images-akamai-steamusercontent-com-jpg/
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