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  1. The click on the title doesnt work to download the HQ-version of the images
  2. I was wondering if people actually read the old digests or not. This question was asked like three times already ^^
  3. German version of the ARK Digest: http://arkforum.de/blog/index.php/Entry/54-ARK-Uebersichtswoche-42-ARK-Digest-42/
  4. As long as you find three other people it will be fine. I think you even can just join as a single person, but your chances will be lower to win of course.
  5. Tom

    Unicorn Dossier

    Dont miss that unicorn: http://arkforum.de/index.php/Attachment/5701-images-akamai-steamusercontent-com-jpg/
  6. brace yourselves... chinese girls incoming and wanting to take pictures with every foreigner.. especially when they have blonde hair and/or blue eyes..
  7. German announcement: http://arkforum.de/index.php/Thread/5599-Neue-Karte-und-erster-Mod-fuer-Xbox-One-The-Center-und-Primitive-Plus-Official-k/
  8. German Translation: http://arkforum.de/wiki/index.php/Entry/603-Oncorhynchus/
  9. German Q+A part: http://arkforum.de/blog/index.php/Entry/38-ARK-Uebersichtwoche-26-ARK-Digest-26/
  10. I am curious how you will do this until its not supported from the game. But this would make the software legendary. I wish good luck for that. Its heavily demanded by many admins.
  11. Here you can find the German translation of the 25th ARK Digest: http://arkforum.de/blog/index.php/Entry/34-ARK-Uebersichtwoche-25-ARK-Digest-25/
  12. Coming soon. It was forgotten. Btw.: German translation of the Q&A part: http://arkforum.de/blog/index.php/Entry/33-ARK-Uebersichtswoche-24-ARK-Digest-24/
  13. Tom

    Poop Plush

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