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  1. Have you checked this? https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/322308-email-notifications/
  2. Chris

    Rank on forum , naked - hide -flak

    It's just based on your post count: Cloth 100 posts, Hide 500, Flak 1000, Tek 10000
  3. Chris

    Light theme, any news?

    Unfortunately our previous theme won't work with the latest version of IPS, due to the large number of custom scripts and completely redesigned modules in the latest major version. I completely understand what you're saying and of course I need to make sure you guys are comfortable using our forum . I'll have it done as soon as possible.
  4. Chris

    Light theme, any news?

    This week I've been too busy with other projects unfortunately, so it'll get done soon. However, I'm wondering if there is something wrong with your monitor or gamma settings as the dark theme certainly doesn't hurt the eyes. Nor have we had any other reports of that.
  5. Chris

    Forum Cuts Off First Topic

    Just scroll up a little.
  6. A light theme will be worked on this coming week, along with some changes based on feedback. Thanks!
  7. I'll be creating a lighter theme next week some time.
  8. Chris

    Tribe recruiting page

    We are going to be setting live a major forum update and redesign, either this week or early next week. I will add in a "Platform" field for tribes that you will be able to filter with.
  9. Chris

    Wildcard fix you ARK Website

    The rate limiter is in place to help against DDOS attacks. You don't actually get banned, it's just a block for a few minutes. I'll adjust the limit a little.
  10. Chris

    Account Display Name Issue

    Please submit a support ticket Under Support>Help in the main navigation, be sure to submit it to the forum support section. Thanks.
  11. We are aiming at around 1PM EST. Which will be morning for West Coast America and late afternoon for Europe.
  12. Chris

    Spanish Forum.

    I'm sorry, we won't be translating the forum into Spanish any time soon.
  13. Chris

    Tribes adjustment

    You can already do this if you own a tribe in the tribe section.
  14. Chris

    Adding a spell check to the forums

    There is already one built into Chrome and FireFox. The forum doesn't need one also.
  15. Chris

    Trading forum rule change

    You are completely right, this shouldn't have been moved to Off-Topic so I moved it here. With regards to the rule, I can also see your point. The rule was thought up before we widely introduced server transfers. I'll revisit that rule shortly. Thanks!