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  1. Chris

    Linking Steam

    Yup, we've found another bug. I'm working on it.
  2. Chris

    Linking Steam

    I found a bug in the new custom profile 'Steam ID' field and fixed it now. I suggest un-linking your account then see if you can try adding in the code in the profile field again and try clearing the cache. I took a look at your account and it shows your account as 'linked' but there is no data in there from Steam, so I'm assuming something screwed up when you linked your account.... so yeah, try disabling the link in account settings, then just put your 17 digit Steam ID in that profile field and try again. It won't be instant as we have a lot of cache on our servers, but it'll eventually update, as long as it says that your Steam ID is valid.
  3. Chris

    Linking Steam

    Edit your profile and put the 17 digit Steam ID in the custom field there, then go back to the Steam tab on your profile and update the cache. Let me know if that works.
  4. Chris


    Sorry guys, I'm closing this topic as you guys are talking about trading ARK items using paypal and real-world money, which is VERY MUCH against our terms.
  5. Chris

    Console Cross-Play

    Taken from the announcement: "A few weeks ago, Daybreak Games (previously known as Sony Online Entertainment) announced that DC Universe Online would soon feature CrossPlay between PC, PlayStation 4". I guess that explains it.
  6. Chris

    Console Cross-Play

    I'm not sure PS4 will ever be Cross-Play compatible with any game. We tried back in the day and they said no. Also a few weeks ago there was a lot of publicity as Fortnite wanted Cross-Play with PS4 and they refused, Microsoft even joined up with Nintendo to release some marketing images basically making fun of PS4 for not allowing Cross-Play. I hope Sony do eventually open up their system, but I can't see it happening any time soon.
  7. Chris

    Suggestions for Forum

    We have a Tribe section of the forum solely for people creating tribes and looking for those that are recruiting. The forum sections are not the place for this. If you saw Tribe recruitment forum posts then they should have been removed. I will however consider opening up the Tribes section for newer forum members. Thanks for your feedback.
  8. We are working with the Support team to create a new section at Support.SurviveTheArk.com with "Common Solutions". The old support forum just didn't work. It was filled with a sea of off-topic and duplicate reports and it was very difficult for our QA team to actually go through them. The new system is a much better system as now each and every report is looked at and categorized for our team to look into, resulting in a much more efficient way for us to deal with bugs.
  9. Chris

    Recognized submitted bugs

    It's in it's correct place under the PC section of the forums, just like every other platform forum section has it's own Bug forum.
  10. Chris


    Thanks for your feedback.
  11. Chris

    PC Bug Reports

  12. Chris

    Update forum for mobile

    You are completely right! I've now added Mobile as a platform to select during registration. Thanks for pointing that out!
  13. Chris


    Unfortunately at the rate we have of registrations we can't moderate every single request for access. Again, if we put something like you HAVE to do introductions etc then it would just cause more spam. I am however interested in hearing some ideas on how to reward our long time and devoted members. If you have ideas, I'm all ears
  14. Have you checked this? https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/322308-email-notifications/
  15. Chris

    Rank on forum , naked - hide -flak

    It's just based on your post count: Cloth 100 posts, Hide 500, Flak 1000, Tek 10000