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  1. I was almost at completing my order before it was on hold for shipping oytside of US. Will I receive an email or not and just have to wait for the announcement. If you didn't place an order, your details are most likely NOT saved in our system.
  2. Good news peeps! I just finished a meeting with Fedex and our new International Shipping rates will be going live on for the Collectors Edition within the next couple of days. Those that previously ordered will get an email before I set it live.
  3. and the award for a thread-lock goes to @invincibleqc
  4. Fedex finally got us assigned a rep yesterday and we sent over all the information to them. So I'm hoping in the next couple of days they'll get everything done and i'll be able to setup the international shipping for you guys.
  5. We all know exactly what goes on in development, we are a very tight-knit team..... It's not ready yet. Listing every single section of code or art our team is currently working on, or still has on the list is not something we will be sharing,why, because it's not important. Anyway, let's keep this topic on track. I don't want to have to shut it down due to it turning from a topic about an article - to every person telling us what they think is wrong with the game. There are plenty of other threads for issue/bug discussion. Thanks.
  6. We already tell you that information on all channels, when we have it.....
  7. This is a perfect example of why I constantly tweet and tell people on here not to listen to rumors you hear about online. Eli was merely saying [from his personal opinion] that there should be a sequel, if a game does well... and this article has gone and blown it up into -STUDIO WILDCARD ALREADY WORKING ON SEQUEL WHILE MAIN GAME IS BROKEN, SCREW THEM!- It's just ridiculous, and so wrong in every possible way. via GIPHY
  8. sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    Why is everyone acting like we are releasing "ARK 2" soon? We have a long way to go before we even think about a "sequel".
  9. We ship a day or 2 after you place your order. Then shipping time depends on what shipping option you picked during checkout.
  10. Вы скоро сможете заказать. Продолжайте проверять
  11. Ark Sli

    2 overclocked Titan Xps on water.
  12. PC- XBox - PS4 Crossplay

    Microsoft have openly said that they would love to do CrossPlay with Playstation, but Playstation have said they aren't interested.
  13. Ark Sli

    It's been working for a long time. I'm getting 95%+ usage on both cards.
  14. We disabled international shipping because the rates were too high. We are working on much better rates for international shipping, now.
  15. Nitrado Server Problem

    Have you contacted Nitrado? They are super helpful and very responsive.