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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Hey guys, I've just put a limited number of ARK: Collector's Editions on PlayArk.com for purchase. This is everything but the game and season pass, so all the cool Collector's items for those of you that already have the game! http://playark.com We are shipping worldwide, but hurry as we don't have many left! GO ORDER NOW!
  2. Happy early april fools day from Studio Wildcard

    I filmed the trailer on the iPhone 8, I also play it on my Razer Phone and it runs great. There is no bait and switch here, what you see in the trailer is exactly what you'll get.
  3. We haven't said anywhere that the book was real leather, the book looks amazing. Also the price for the entire box is $69.99 which is amazing value for what you get.
  4. ARK is coming to mobile. what are your thoughts?

    Yup, I filmed it all on the iPhone 8 and I also play it on my Razer Android phone and they both run great!
  5. Sea of thieves??

    To the best of my knowledge.. lol... That's not always correct, there is going to be ship customization! Don't know to what extent tho. There's also special things to work towards like there's a special ship you can get for turning in for X amount of treasure and stuff. There's gonna be 3 guild like people you can do missions for, but as far as weapons and such it's all gonna be cosmetic from what I understand. Like a more expensive gun won't do more damage than the starting version. Just look cooler. Which is good and bad imo. There's a kracken constantly swimming the ocean that you can hunt or stumble upon that gives something special for defeating! The biggest plus to it for me is alot of my friends have quit playing ark and don't get to have as much fun anymore.. I still love the game tho! I've been playing it religiously since it released on Xbox in insiders club lol. That's actually the reason I even opted into the insiders club just to play Ark! Good to know those features are coming, i'll keep my eye on things!
  6. What keeps you going?

    Dude, you made that video....
  7. Sea of thieves??

    I played the closed Alpha and Beta. The game looks beautiful and was fun to play for an hour or so.... however there wasn't any content. It was just the same go here, get this chest, drop it off. A couple of ship battles here and there. If they introduce real content like in-depth missions, character and ship customization, upgradable items etc then I may buy it. However there hasn't been ANY talk of that happening and the game gets boring very quickly.
  8. Any thoughts on new pc game called identity

    Ah it's good to see that's still being developed. They basically took the ideas from the ARMA mods that people used to play all the time (the cops/robbers aspects etc) and wanted to create a standalone game from it, a couple of years ago they did a kickstarter for it. It looks pretty rough in the trailers, but good luck to them!
  9. Google and app.

    You need to change your default app settings.
  10. This isn't going to be something implemented in the near future as our core game-dev team are too busy chasing bugs and developing our next DLC.
  11. Our system will now honor your settings in "Account Settings > Notifications" So you can now disable all emails, PMs and system notifications for ARK In-Game Notifications. Note, this will also affect receiving Push Notification via or SurviveTheArk Android App.
  12. PixARK?

    The search feature of our forum is a wonderful thing. Feel free to paste your post in one of these threads.
  13. Greetings Survivors! The first version of the Official SurviveTheArk Community App is now live on the Google Play Store! (iOS Version coming very soon) The app was created to bring our community members an easy to use interface to interact with our forum right on your mobile device... but wait there's more... anyone that is playing ARK on an Official PC server with a Steam account linked to our community forum will also enjoy in-game Trip Wire and Baby Hatching Push Notifications! So that means that you don't even have to be in-game to get notified when your base is being raided or your new creatures have broken from their eggs! HOW TO LINK YOUR STEAM ACCOUNT: It's super simple, just go to your Account Settings Page and then click on the "Steam" button to sync your account. The Push Notification feature is only available to regular members. Those in the "Early Bird" forum group will need to use the forum a little before automatically being bumped into the regular "Member" forum group. BUT WAIT THERE'S EVEN MORE..... NITRADO: I've been working with Nitrado and this week they are going to implement the feature on all of their ARK Private Dedicated Servers! So those of you that have your own Nitrado servers just need to follow the steps above and you too will enjoy these awesome notifications right on your mobile devices! This is just the first step into bringing you guys some awesome new ways to enjoy ARK and rest assured that we are working on many more! -Chris (Wildcard Casanova) View full article
  14. Ark Center Forums?

    I'll be re-arranging the forum today with some new sections for you guys.
  15. The Center Forum

    I'll look into it if we get more interest.
  16. Official SurviveTheArk Community App

    Check my Twitter
  17. Never post anything here goto reddit.

    Alright, I'm locking this thread as it's turned into a back and forth of petty arguments.
  18. Never post anything here goto reddit.

    Go ahead, I give you full permission to post what "was deleted", in this thread. I'm curious and my staff wont touch it. Then once you post it i'll outline every rule you break to show others what we don't tolerate. EDIT: Never mind, I've found your hidden post and it's FILLED with profanity. So there's your answer.... and also the moderator that hid your profanity filled thread didn't even give you any warning points... so consider yourself lucky. However, please keep in mind that starting another thread ranting about moderation (which you should be using the forum support to discuss) and also telling people to pretty much boycott this site is a sure fire way to get banned. So keep that in mind. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.... now, let's all go back to working on and enjoying ARK!
  19. I have an idea for an ark youtube.

    Cool idea, go for it!
  20. It's actually very cheap for what's in the box. The Dossier book alone is extremely expensive to get made.
  21. Welcome To The New Forum!

    Welcome to the new SurviveTheARK! So you're probably wondering what is new and what we've been working on. Below we outline all the new features and improvements to the forums. We hope you enjoy them! THEMES The forums now have theme options, light or dark. We've enabled the dark theme as the default theme. By navigating to the bottom of the screen and selecting "Theme" and choosing one of the theme choices the website theme will be changed. Our newest theme addition is the Dark theme. With the dark theme, we've re-skinned the entire website with a new background, font colors, and a whole lot more. If you would like to switch to the previous (ARK Light) theme you can do so in the Theme drop-down at any time. TRIBES Tribes is a new and improved integration of our discontinued “ARK Tribes” system which was custom designed. The new Tribes system, now referred to as Tribes, will allow users to promote their tribe for other members to join as well as provide a space for current tribes to organize information for their tribe. Tribes can be public (anyone can view it without joining), Open (anyone can see and join), Closed (must be approved by a ranking member), or Private (hidden but member can be invited). Tribes offer 3 ranks of membership: Leader, Moderators, and Users. Ranks can be assigned by the Leader and Moderators however only the Leader can add Moderators. Whilst Tribe Moderators have control over content within their own sections, Forum Moderators can also control content in each tribe, only when necessary though. Within a Tribe, Leaders can add and customize areas like forums, calendars, files, images, and blogs. Among customization of the areas mentioned, the Tribe Leader can customize the look of the Tribe by adding a photo, banner image, and an About Us section. An example of a tribe is below. This tribe currently only has a members list and an introduction section. Tribe leaders can add new sections at any time. Each new "Topic" is a separate forum exclusively for your tribe and maintained by your leader and moderators. An example of a new Topic is below. There is no limit to how many forum sections you can add! CONTENT REACTIONS One of our favorite new features coming in the new forum version is Reactions. That’s right! You will now be able to react to a post or announcement by choosing some of our pre-made Reactions. Currently you will be able to choose from the following: Like, Sad, Facepalm, Thanks, Haha, and Confused. This will be a much more fun interactive way to show someone that you really like or dislike their post rather than the current up-vote system. NEW LEADERBOARD A few tweaks are being added to the Leaderboards system. The Overview page located in Top Members will now show a quick glance at the top members with most reputation and most content. You can expand each of these sections by using the filter drop-down to view more than the top listed in the Overview layout. FORUM VIEW SELECTION Tired of having only one choice for how you view forum sections or want a better way to jump between sections? Our update has got you covered! In this update members will be able to choose between Table, Grid, and Fluid views. Table view is the standard plain paginated view. Grid will allow you to view forum sections as “cards” like in an album where you can view all sub forums within the main forum. Lastly is Fluid view which is a variation of the Table view. With Fluid view you can change which sections you see by using the filter. When using the filter this will show or hide areas. Not interested in the social sections? You can hide those from your view. Only want to see Xbox forums and General Discussions? You can choose to show only those. These new views will make navigating much easier for those users that like simplicity. The Fluid view can be accessed by selecting the icon next to the start new topic button. After selecting this you will be presented with a new view and a filter box on the right-hand side like in the image below. Toggling different forum sections in the filter box will change what is shown in the Topics section. You can select as many or as few as you'd like to view. EDITOR IMPROVEMENTS Want to share a picture with your topic? Simply drag and drop into the body of your topic in the editor and it will auto attach and insert the image. Along with dragging and dropping, you can now copy and paste an image not only from a webpage but also from your local machine. Dragging and dropping an image will display the "-> Move" option when hovering over top of the editor window. Once dropping the image, the image will queue and be placed into the editor field where it was dropped. AUTHY INTEGRATION Back in an earlier version, two-factor authentication (2fa) was added which allowed members to further secure their account beyond just a password. Now in our update, the 2fa tool Authy is integrated. This enables authentication via text message, phone call, and push notifications using the Authy app on your smartphone. To setup Authy on SurviveTheARK, navigate to Account Settings and select the "Account Security" link in the settings navigation. Enter your password if requested, and click Enable under the Authy option. You will need to install the app on your mobile device or use one of the Authy browser plugins and link this with your phone number. Enter your phone number when requested and a push notification will be sent to the app to successfully link the app and SurviveTheARK.com. GALLERY IMPROVEMENTS The gallery has received a few quality of life improvements in our update. The first change is the addition of the “add more image” button. Images could be added whilst others were being uploaded but it was not made clear previously. During detail editing for the uploaded images, you can now use the “copy details to all images” which allows you to copy all the information across every image you are uploading. CONTENT MESSAGE One of the simplest but possibly most key features for forum members is the Content Message feature. This is like the next feature but it allows a moderator to pin a message at the top of the topic for everyone to see. This may be used to keep things on track or guide discussion, especially when we are asking for feedback on things. Below is a quick example of a message that might be left by a moderator on a topic. These will be in varying background colors depending on the message and importance: green, orange, red, grey, white, and no color. RECOMMENDED REPLIES The Recommended Replies feature, although not available to users to add, can be a great way to highlight posts. Moderators may sometimes “recommend” a reply on a topic and leave a note which make the post appear at the very top of the topic with any notes that may have been applied. Keep an eye out for posts that have this as it can help accelerate finding a solution or an answer to what you might be looking for. DEVICE MANAGEMENT The final feature of our huge upgrade is Device Management. This allows you to monitor logins on your account. Notifications can be sent to your email when a new location or device is used. The user also has the ability to deactivate a device which will force the account to have to log back in on that device. The Device Management options can be accessed by navigating to Account Settings and selecting the "Recently Used Devices" link on the left-hand side. From here you can choose to sign out of a device or disable automatic login. That's just a small taste of some of the new features we have added in our update, I'm sure you'll uncover more as you continue to use SurviveTheArk.com to interact with your fellow survivors! Pssst... Soon I'll be releasing our official app which will enable you to get notifications from within the ARK, directly on your mobile devices! I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I set it live KEEP ON SURVIVING! - Casanova, lilpanda and the SurviveTheArk Mod Staff
  22. WC on Reddit

    Our team does frequent the sub-Reddit, however it's not owned by us. It's owned and managed by fans.
  23. Will intel hd 4600 graphics run ark

    I don't think you'd have a good gameplay experience with those specs unfortunately.
  24. It's correct, it's suppose to say "Forms".