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  1. 7826154

    New tribal rules

    Your developer team: In China,Pve players buy dinosaurs and tribesCash transaction),The number of players involved is huge.The immediate result is a server dinosaur cap (5000/5000) A player sells 10 rex,B players would Hatching 20 rex sales, It created a vicious circle, with many players hatching dinosaur sales Sales tribe, A player sells tribe to B player(A player leaves ark),B player sells A player tribe to C player C player leaves ARK,Selling the tribe to players B,B player sales C player tribe to D player And the result is this,A player leaves ark,His dinosaurs and buildings remain(Should disappear) Game release Release transaction information in the game(He will go to all the pve servers) 60 days, 1300 article transaction information(Cash transactions) Trading address https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5708997510 Chinese QQ groups(Many people chat) So many GIGA for sale: Change the transfer owner rule : Want to become the new owner of the tribe,(You need to get admin for 30 days first), Use transfer time to restrict trade cancel tribe joint Let the tribe that leaves the ARK player automatically disappear,Refuse to trade Dinosaur transfer server: Limit dinosaurs to one retweet Deny server A to server B, server B to server C Let the extra dinosaurs kill themselves Don't let dinosaurs switch to server storage Download dinosaur restrictions: Suppose the server dinosaur cap is 5000 Dinosaur hat 4800, Server shut down to download dinosaurs Force players to kill dinosaurs they don't want Server grouping: 5-8 servers A cluster,Dinosaurs only transmit on cluster 5-8 servers Transmission dinosaurs,100 servers(Multiple sets) EGG + item transfer(no Transmission dinosaurs) 100 servers There are 2,000 buyers 5-8 servers There are 100 buyers 5-8 servers transfers,Players can negotiate to reduce the number of server dinosaurs 100 servers transfers,I killed 100 rex,49 servers transmit 100 rex,server is still capped Reduce the number of buyers Making dinosaurs difficult to sell and impossible to transmit multiple times,Get players to give up on hatching sales You have a code of conduct,cannot sell,That doesn't stop sales,You need to have a way of stopping sales Sales have affected our normal game 1.5 years ago, when there were only three maps,There is no server cap,Now almost all servers have caps Servers are overrun by a large number of ankylosaurus
  2. 7826154

    pve boss fighting

    STEAM:http://steamcommunity.com/id/7826154 Please add my STEAM directly
  3. 7826154

    pve boss fighting

    Don't charge anything
  4. 7826154

    pve boss fighting

    Alpha monkey Alpha BROODMOTHER Alpha dragon Alpha Tek Cave Alpha Rockwell finally welcome u join. thx STEAM:http://steamcommunity.com/id/7826154 Please add my STEAM directly
  5. 7826154

    Linux Server Auto Update Mods

    That's pretty good
  6. That's pretty good
  7. That's pretty good
  8. Add dinosaur storage It's not the same as the existing method This is only server local storage, not involving cross-server delivery Cross-dress transmission, you can copy dinosaurs My method = safe stores metal
  9. Add dinosaur storage Dinosaurs can be kept in safe box (safe box=Metal boxes prevent damage) A place placement safe box ,storage REX B place placement safe box ,storage ANKYLOSAURUS C place placement safe box ,storage argentavis D place placement safe box ,storage therizinosaurus safe box Can increase the dinosaur experience value faster,(Faster upgrade) To be stored as a cross - service delivery(Similar to cross-server storage) limit Tribal dinosaur upper limit 200 Server 6000 dinosaur location.It can be used by 30 tribes increase dino auto decay to 12 days(This is just one game, people need to learn and work) We welcome your comments,Let the officials see what you mean
  10. 7826154

    why wipe my tribe

    My tribe has confirmed that the administrator has removed buildings and Dinosaurs
  11. 7826154

    why wipe my tribe

    Hello, my tribe has problem? why wipe my tribe, my tribe is the eu-166 Hunter, because we are in NA89, we are in the war. When we came back, my tribe was gone. I'm sorry. Can you tell me what's wrong with my tribe ?OK? What's your reason? What are we violating?