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  1. Hello ark community I am asking for your help with a. very important mission. I need to find a tribe called Dayseeker. They are apart of midnight militia and recurrently on a ragnorak. Just need to know which one. If you have the server number. PM CaptainRS3 on xbox live.
  2. CaptainRS3

    pvp Aberation jerks

    There is a tribe on server 809(Aberration) named Tenticle Hentai, that won't let anyone build on the server anywhere. Small tribes are getting wiped and they are just in general jerks. They think they are a mega tribe and no one can raid them. Would someone please wipe them. They are built around the portal spawn area. They do have a mini base that was set up in the opening to the outside that was raided a long time again and it was never fixed.
  3. CaptainRS3

    need help cannot join

    Directly after the update yesterday I was able to play. Once waking up this morning I was trying to join my server again and it was stuck at joining session. Kept it there for around 3 hours and nothing happened. Have tried restarting my xbox and my modem so I have no clue what is happening here.
  4. CaptainRS3

    Update broke Nameless

    After the most recent update my tribe and I have not been able to get nameless to spawn. This is a huge issue as we just hatched a good amount of Rock Drakes. anyone have any idea whats happening? This is on official by the way.
  5. CaptainRS3

    Wing Suit control

    See the thing is I have the steady flight if I sprint or not
  6. CaptainRS3

    Wing Suit control

    So I am not sure if anyone is aware of this or not but there is a bug in the game that the majority of the time you use a wing suit on xbox you are not able to control it at all. The majority of the time I myself try and use a wing suit I am stuck flying at a steady downward pace without being able to control going up or down. This is actually really annoying considering I love the wing suits and think they are a great addition to Aberration.
  7. CaptainRS3

    Abberant Megalosaur's

    get out
  8. CaptainRS3

    Abberant Megalosaur's

    Which that is absolute BS, they make small fixes all the time. They could easily throw in a small fix to fix the Mega's as well. I bet money that making the aberrant Mega's offspring non-sleepy is easier to code than making it so that rock drakes cannot enter the boss fight.
  9. CaptainRS3

    Abberant Megalosaur's

    So what is with PC having this patched where bred Abberant Megalosaur's don't become sleepy but xbox has the bug that they are sleepy. Basically makes the only good melee Dino in the game expansion useless.
  10. CaptainRS3

    Transfers into Aberation

    So in Aberrations will you be able to bring in structures when the servers first come online? or will it be just like tames and you can't bring anything over?
  11. CaptainRS3

    Waiting to Join Session

    Update, been trying to join same server for 4 hours now - Will keep people updated
  12. CaptainRS3

    Waiting to Join Session

    The wait button can not be working, I just left mine on for over 3 hours while I went to my college classes. Came back to nothing but still waiting