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  1. spoop

    Extinction DLC

    It's been a good time from the release of abberation and historically every ark countdown leads to a DLC. If anything abberation was the weird delay as scorched released right as its countdown ended, same could apply for extinction.
  2. spoop

    Exstinction dinos

    They did kinda hint at the dodorex becoming a canon creature for extinction a few digests ago.
  3. spoop

    TLC Ideas

    Make the Liopleurodon exactly what its dossier implied. It had so much potential and just became possibly the least tamed creature in the game.
  4. spoop

    Life finds a way...

    I doubt it's the mobile version only. The timer does not line up with the 14th and every previous timer has led to an expansion announcement. Also, why would they announce the release date of the mobile and then still keep the timer?
  5. spoop

    Life finds a way...

    I don't mean ignore official entirely, i used to do officials way back then. The best way in my opinion is just a small unmodded server with friends.
  6. spoop

    Life finds a way...

    Basically, don't play on official servers when the new expansion drops.
  7. spoop

    Scrapped content

    It just kinda seems to me they are more concerned about pumping out that third DLC then they are are finishing what they started, as evidenced by the countdown we currently have. Every countdown always has something to do with an expansion.
  8. spoop

    Scrapped content

    The one I most want closure on is the sleep cycles. They even mentioned it again during the TLC updates as though it was already being worked on for each creature to have a sleep pattern. For example raptors are most active at night and morning and in the afternoon can be found asleep. Here's another delayed promise. An ending and ascension for scorched earth still doesn't exist.
  9. spoop

    Scrapped content

    Anyone know what happened to these features they repeatedly mentioned then stopped talking about? Kibble rework structures+ AI overhaul with sleep cycles rebalancing of item recipe costs on a side note a third TLC for ocean creatures like the lioplerudon is badly needed.
  10. Does this change in focus mean we will have to wait even longer for the kibble rework and Dino sleep cycles?
  11. spoop

    Scorched Earth Update

    They have said before that scorched earth will receive an update in the future. It will eventually have ascension as your intended to go to abberation from scorched earth. Pretty sure some creatures like the moth will be getting TLC edits and they might finally add in the hive/swarm.
  12. You would not exactly want raptors to overstay their welcome and fit the role of a mid game carnivore. The carno still has its TLC coming soon and as of now they should remain the basic scouting/hunting mount for early game.
  13. While the caves have been cemented as a challenge for ages will we ever see some sort of decrease in spawns? There always seems to be an absurd amount of creatures clumped everywhere. Are the AI TLC changes such as sleep cycles and sensory based aggression still on the table? Will the liopleurodon get its own TLC?
  14. spoop

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    The argentavis has always been and was a vulture.
  15. spoop

    TLC suggestions

    You are aware that the kapro can grab with c without jumping right?