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  1. Does this change in focus mean we will have to wait even longer for the kibble rework and Dino sleep cycles?
  2. spoop

    Scorched Earth Update

    They have said before that scorched earth will receive an update in the future. It will eventually have ascension as your intended to go to abberation from scorched earth. Pretty sure some creatures like the moth will be getting TLC edits and they might finally add in the hive/swarm.
  3. You would not exactly want raptors to overstay their welcome and fit the role of a mid game carnivore. The carno still has its TLC coming soon and as of now they should remain the basic scouting/hunting mount for early game.
  4. While the caves have been cemented as a challenge for ages will we ever see some sort of decrease in spawns? There always seems to be an absurd amount of creatures clumped everywhere. Are the AI TLC changes such as sleep cycles and sensory based aggression still on the table? Will the liopleurodon get its own TLC?
  5. spoop

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    The argentavis has always been and was a vulture.
  6. spoop

    TLC suggestions

    You are aware that the kapro can grab with c without jumping right?
  7. spoop

    please add structures plus

    Adding in most of the convienence items that play the game for you would be horrendous.
  8. spoop

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Most of the insects should receive a heavy weight bonus as bugs naturally can carry huge loads compared to their weight. Visually the plesiosaur and spino need the biggest overhaul. the Giga could find more usage if it were to be scaled down to around the size of a rex and saw a gigantic stat and function overhaul. dimorphs could possibly use a pack bonus along with raptors. the new raptor model should be like the yuty and have a full coat of actual feathers kinda like troodon. troodons need to see some sort of rework as to how much they demand to be tamed. Something that small should not have it's diet consist of an entire rex or bronto. Could we possibly see some things like terror birds Using their glide abilitiy when chasing down players. Most of the old sea creatures need new models and dramatically changed hitbox/movement. an interesting idea for the megaladon would be for them to receive a feeding frenzy buff when an injured creature is nearby in the water. Something along the lines of a speed boost with less stamina usage. Most if not all creatures need to see better pathing to avoid things such as rexes walking off the ledges in the tek cave into lava. Sleep cycles and herd behavior if they have not been scrapped. please make the liopleurodon what it's original dossier implied. It had so much potential but became an unused gimmick creature.
  9. spoop

    Griffin Balance

    This nerf was long overdue and brought exactly what was needed to that monstrosity of a flyer.
  10. spoop

    Aberration Boss is a giant Mantis

    It has a nasal cavity so it appears to be organic instead of a manufactured being like an overseer. The translation even is just some personal rant about his hatred for those that wronged him.
  11. Those are very inconsistent but yeah sometimes depending on how busy the week is we get one.
  12. spoop

    Is the hate Ark Devs well deserved?

    The dlc was created before the lawsuit was even a thing and was planned to launch with the original release date for the game. The including of player suggestions and more content than originally planned made it miss the original date and they decided to release it around the same time anyway.
  13. 1. Can we have another roadmap similar to the "a little further out"? 2. Will we ever see a more in depth character creator with less gross proportions? 3. What kind of things will be milestones for the charity stream?
  14. spoop

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Could we have another timeline similar to the a little further out section? Will scorched earth be given a minor TLC after the Dino pass? Seems like it will need a bit more love after abberation arrives. Will the character creator ever be updated to possibly have nationalities and less grotesque proportions?
  15. spoop

    Nameless vs reaper

    Only way I would be able to explain tails is devolution but they seem to be more like a chupacabra than a primate.