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  1. Xbox one PVE Prim Plus Server looking for players

    Hey what's your population like? What map you guys on, and what are some stats like harvest, tame, XP? Thanks bud!
  2. Just added you. Stopped hosting my server so my lady can finally learn to play, think this will be a great server for her to learn on.
  3. Still under 30 days. It's a server for all who have been through the struggles. So there is pve players and we are working on getting more PvP.
  4. 24/7 fresh switch to SE PvPvE

    PvP players?
  5. Looking for a Scorched (X Box One), ORP

    Didn't see the official I apologise and won't let delete
  6. LF fresh(ish) SE server

    Check us out bud. Tame is 6 however XP is 3 baby maturation is turned up decently along with egg hatch.
  7. Looking for PvE Scorched Earth Server

    We do both PvP and pve but has always worked out and stay respectable to our pve players.
  8. LF: newer server

  9. Looking for a SE server

    Slight boost not crazy though. Just switched it couple hours ago.