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  1. Hey man I got a PvE server prim plus on the island. The stats are slightly up then official mostly all 2 and 3s besides from taming which is 4 and some other miscellaneous like extra points in weight. Gt THE GHOST 111
  2. Sent you guys messages through my gt. LASTMag you were the only one didn't get chance too. I will once I get home from work.
  3. Still plenty of room left!
  4. Welcome to your new ark home survivors! The days of bouncing from dedi to dedi due to lack of communication or servers that randomly just disappear are over. I started a sever for this very reason and we're looking to expand our player base even more. We are a friendly server and constantly wanting to fill the player slots with the builders and the mature crowd of ark. Now it is on PvE for this simple reason. Trolls and theives will NOT be tolerated. Also building On top of resource spawns like metal is a no go. We will be holding events and plenty of other things to get the server fun. There is a community center built up in South 1 we do have houses unlocked for you to help you get started.Also trading post and market and in the hopes of doing some role play for those who are interested! Basic Rules No building on resource spawns No trolling ( will be instant ban) No stealing ( again instant ban) No pillar spamming Mic is required at first so we can invite to party. Just helps us to get to know each other and explain in further detail! Basically the rules are as momma always said treat others the way you want to be treated don't be a jagoff. Some stats Tame 4 XP 2 Harvesting 3 Difficulty 1 all other stats feel free to asks us about. We have everything just a bit more then official so there's still a grind aspect but not to high you hit a stone and go up 5 levels. Please send me a message through xbox I do have the app so will respond to you as quick as possible! Gt THE GHOST 111
  5. Send me a message bud THE GHOST 111
  6. Hey bud, send me a message gt THE GHOST 111
  7. Send me a message gt THE GHOST 111 if your still looking.
  8. Working off Xbox bud?
  9. Tried adding server host earlier said was offline.
  10. Server still up bud?
  11. Thanks man. I'll check it out. Is there a place to read rules or anything like that?
  12. Its been so tempting to go out and get another xbox to start my own server. Having two little girls kinda makes it easier said then done. O the days of being single.
  13. My buddy and I are looking for a permanent server with some major RP. Want to be able to join with mature people who actually want to play and enjoy the game. Really looking for Prim+ preferably on theisland. Contact me through here or send me message on xbox. Gt: THE GHOST 111