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  1. Bump
  2. Still plenty of room left!
  3. Bump for the weekend
  4. After the patch server is back up and fully operational!
  5. We fixed one of the problems of nobody being able to join. The server will be back up in couple hours once I wake up. However it still returns to home if I turn controller off. Since I had to get to sleep I didn't bother bringing back up earlier. Unfortunately it deleted Scorched Earth. We had to make a map change to the Center. Thank you to all our community holding on and being patient with us.
  6. Mine was doing this when the update first dropped. Couple mins go by and home screen. Now, no one is able to load into the server. Comes back invalid password and then the good old loading timeout. Was kinda thinking and hoping it's just my connection acting up for some reason but since all this was happening leading up to it just don't know.
  7. Ever since the last update scorched will not load. I did uninstall and reinstalling it tonight. Hopefully this problem will be fixed if it isn't and in the meantime until it does , we will switch over to the center. This is very frustrating but unfortunately it is only in wildcard/Microsoft or boths control
  8. Good to know I'm not the only one lol.
  9. Awesome! I'm currently at work so will not be able to add you off server account but I will tell one of my admins to get ahold of you until I get home.
  10. There's a couple areas that are full of metal but other then that it's fair game.
  11. You'll have the barrier with the non dedicated. I have my own player dedi on scorched.
  12. We had a lot of new new players. Myself and the other admins are always happy to help and teach send me a message through Xbox if interested
  13. Bump need some more active people!