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  1. For real. As the above poster noted, you've been posting your creations for years. I had to look it up to see if you were the same guy, too I noticed from Ark digests over a year ago and...you are. STILL. COMPLAINING. People have been telling you to let others have a chance at being showcased for over TWO YEARS NOW. Can you for once stop when your submissions aren't picked? Is there always an excuse to blame on? Can't give others credit for their creations? Me? Me? Me? That valentine's day chocolate box was awesome. My GF also thought it was extremely cute. Individual chocolates were buildings! It's a valentine's day ark digest! You really need to stop being a sore loser, but I don't know... people have been telling you that for over 2 years now and you still continue. I don't think you'll change. Outrageous.
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