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  1. Ark: Survival of The Fittest Saturday September 28th This battle Royale game is dead but its still such a blast to play. I think the reason it died was lack of development and lack of dedicated servers. HOWEVER please join me as I'd like to start a community event. Every Saturday (or the community chosen day which you can vote on using the straw poll link below) we will all get together and play a few rounds of SOTF. Hopefully we can get enough people for a full 72 player match so please invite your friends and be prepared! We will hosting the server from NA and our play time will be 7pm EST. Again please vote in the straw poll below if you wish to play on another day. The new SOTF Discord I will be creating will be linked below as well. Id like to turn this into something big and help revive the game as I truly believe it is a blast. Who knows maybe in the future we can have tournaments. Anyway thank you for reading,inks are below. Hope to see you on the Discord. Strawpoll: http://www.strawpoll.me/18705602 Discord: https://discord.gg/3fbPpz9
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