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  1. that looks like a lightning bug ... who's back side will light up
  2. I was so excited to see a post knowing they mentioned one was not going to be made... Not much to see here .. But hey one day closer ...am i right? am i right?... one day closer
  3. the heavy turret should have a much more costly round same as the turret .. maybe not 4x to 5x as costly but it should surely cost more and be different... I mean the size of the round actually determines the size of the gun not the other way around IRL
  4. The ammo will have to be just as expensive as crafting 4 to 5 times the AR rounds... Don't you agree?
  5. This patch will also allow the mounted minigun turret to shoot non-mounted tames, but reduce their range to be the equivalent of the auto turret. @Jatheish can you please explain this sentence to me? Does this mean an un-powered minigun will shoot like an auto turret without an operator?
  6. can somebody exlpain exactly what this means? When did a mounted turret ever not shoot something you were aiming at? I am confused?
  7. Thanks for your answer ... i didn't think it was structures but was told it was and needed to find a better source .... so does anyone know how many foundations long one unit is?
  8. can someone give me the definition of "10k Units" does that mean structures? Or is that some sort of measurement within the game?
  9. Surely the player base will not stand for this ..and it will be reversed
  10. My bet is that it is an April fools troll by the devs ... Has anyone confirmed that the flyers have been nerfed?
  11. Akatosh269 is my GT


    1. ooStuStu


      Okay i have a lot of conversations going on ... was i talking to you in another thread?


  12. I sure hope they have a electric food dehydrator as an upgrade to the preserving bin... Oh and a metal large storage ...Not a vault but a nice looking large metal storage
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