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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Vicious cycle

    People joining on Ragnarok servers causes lag lag causes people to disconnect which causes them to try to reconnect starting a vicious cycle That Never Ends please fix your game so we can play it
  2. Ark fake 3gb update glitch (xbox one)

    This is clearly an ARK issue ... we hatched so much stuff because of the event now nobody can get back on ... PUBG works fine ... every other game I have loaded works without issue... only ARK and multiple members are unable to get back in ... not Xbox ...WC is the problem
  3. Spoil timers Scorched earth

    Maybe solo it would be crazy hard ... since the preserving salt only last an hour... We never really raised any large carnivores on SE because of the spoil timers ... however there are workarounds for the small tribe... import a large flock of dodos... force feed them stim until their food is almost gone be sure to have a feeding trough close by... since dodo's have a different egg laying mechanic than all other dinos you can do this force feeding to them and then come back ten to fifteen minutes later and have a nice stack of eggs under each ...rinse and repeat daily as you prepare for your hatching ... use the dodo kibble to feed your big carnivores while you sleep a full through is not hard to farm in this manner full feeding trough of dodo kibble has 360000 food value and will the top piece of kibble even on SE spoils in 6 days
  4. What could this be?

    No sir... a legitimate question in an active thread... On subject...
  5. What could this be?

    So we will be able to transfer our leveled up characters to these new maps? Transfer dinos and gear? Or will cross server transfer be turned off since it is a broken ARK?
  6. In-game profiting

    there are dozens of FB groups devoted to selling tames and gear for real money ... I saw a structure menu that read like a McDonald's menu 15 cents a metal foundation and what not lol.. Squids and gigas going for 30 bucks and it is rampant ... WC is aware... I have personally given proof of it along with GT's of individuals who solicited me with tames for cash and got no response. I personally don't care if someone is out to make a buck... (I turned this guy in because he was supplying trolls with tames who otherwise could not get them) ... i don't understand how someone would pay cash for something that could get killed by another player as soon as you claim it.. . Proof as in Screen shots of the advertisement of tames for sale including prices. and the Xbox PM's between me and the solicitor clearly stating he was the one from the FB group and wanted 20 dollars for a wyvern ... the guy never got banned and he still is active on ARK ... so posting a link to report is nothing but smoke screen
  7. that is what i said from the get go ... not how many turrets but... how many people you have online... most raiders look for the next target that is going to give less resistance.
  8. obelisk dino camping

    its PvE ...so you would have to get wilds to do it ...not sure but i don't think you can pick up wild dinos with a flyer ... but i am sure someone will correct me
  9. Ark movie

    So what you are saying is the two 30 second clips they have are the movie but without the lag ... if they added the lag it would be a full length feature
  10. dino life cycles to end pve dino hording

    okay well i am just throwing out ideas to solve the problem ... .So what is your solution?
  11. dino life cycles to end pve dino hording

    That is exactly why having the purge looming over them would help keep the population in check...
  12. dino life cycles to end pve dino hording

    How about having a Purge event where the official PVE servers are switched to PVP for 48 to 60 hours or so after the server has been at 95% tame limit for more than a set time ... say a week or two. With all the hostility between tribes on PVE (from what i gather with the passive aggressive tactics i read about) it would be just enough of PVP for the population to clear out ..also it would encourage servers to get along knowing that at some point a tribe could tame up enough to get you over the limit and sustain it. . .. I am just trowing out ideas .. Nobody liked my Alpha Titan idea.. My gather all the kibble tames and let them fight to the death winner gets to be the kibble farmer for the server was trashed too . The game is brutal on PVP and i understand why people want to play PVE but it seems like everyone works against each other on PVE when it should all be one big tribe working to do the same thing........ Ascend ..
  13. What to do with masses of thatch?

    Sure it is one of the easiest material to gather... However it is the most commonly used material... throwing that amount on the ground when it is used for all stone/wood sturctures Stone behemoth gates, crop plots, stone arrows, parachutes and sleeping bags just to name a few very common items. dropping a few hundred here and there is no issue but he has 500k that is so much dropping that much would be silly as you would never have to go and gather any on its own for a long time... Hence my advise to store it on tames not being used

    this is awesome however i think this will have to wait until ARK2 comes out as the game can't handle the amount of turrets "thinking" right now ... if this was implemented then the servers would surely crash when everyone put their dinos on patrol Again awesome work Edit: of course i mean for official
  15. re-fertilizer Re-Fertiliser (Update)

    In the old forums this was addressed before.. Everything you just stated was almost word for word what the other OP said ... I commented in agreement then and I still agree now. The fact that it has such a small area of effect with no possible way of knowing if you will be stuck in a tree that respawns and you have to chop it down ... seems it would be something they could look at ... or we will have to wait until "ARK two the Return" before all the ideas like these are implemented.