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  1. @Jatheish @Jen @TheRightHand I'm on a dead island legacy server; no other tribes and only about 80 tames, but a titano attacking a turret wall of maybe 150 turrets d/c'd the sever and there was only 5 people on. Our base has maybe 300 turrets total on herb island. No plant x either. You should really look into what is causing your server performance issues as I am proof that it doesn't take thousands of turrets, hundreds of tames and dozens of people for your servers to fail. It was an absolute bare minimum load and your code failed. You have made well over 200 million dollars with this game yet your servers can't even do the minimum without failure. You can take this however you want but please don't ignore the facts. While I'm here you need more mods for your severs, there is tons of footage of tribes being under mapped and nothing gets done. There are caps of private messenger apps with people using the same handle as their GT's threatening to undermap a tribe then it happens. I sent in clips of a tribe threatening to ddos our server, having them count down to the dos and it happening and nothing was ever done. If there are no consequences for peoples actions then you can expect to lose more and more players due to unpunished cheating.
  2. If you are in a mega vs mega war the base actually has 6 sides, you forgot the area under the map beneath the base.
  3. I know of a 60+ person raiding tribe that have 150+ dragons that have made use of exploits some fair some maybe not I don't know their specifics, but I think groups like that will probably damage the experience more than enhance it. You should at least put a cool down on transferring that is weeks to a month a long to have any potential effect on dissuading that. With a war machine like that them or a tribe like them will go down the line of servers raiding them one by one.
  4. @Jeremy Stieglitz We desperately need one more tribe privilege that supersedes the number rank, a group based privilege that would facilitate merged tribes keeping their personal buildings private/separate. Would also be nice if there was an owner permission only option too. Thanks!
  5. TYVM it was a huge huge let down getting the rug pulled out of from under us on the day of the event. Also, if it comes up in the future, lead with the bad news first rather than making all the xbox players read through the stuff they thought they were getting only to be told it's not for them at the end.
  6. Classless move. You should have started the article off by saying the xbox event is cancelled rather having us read through all the things we were expecting only to tell us at the end none of it applies to us. Keep it up and you'll have to be selling this game at 75% off.
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