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  1. No, only with the Megalania as the baby is hatched with 2 venoms each on them. In all other cases the answer is no, you need to hunt and kill them or simply spawn them in.
  2. Wildcard has patched cryo pods in the tek cave rendering them non deployable. I did a tiny test today on my Vanilla settings server. I spawned the ALPHA Tek Cave and entered. I had a velonasaur in cryo pod and tried to deploy it in the entire cave with no luck.
  3. Can't freaking wait Im so HYPED!!!! Soundtrack delivers as usual! Good job on that. HYPE THE F*** UP!!
  4. I like the bot! I would also like to see an future function where it can gather the latest Community Crunch and news from Survivetheark.com and post automatically In a discord channel of my choosing. Then maybe a function where it can auto post the most commented forum post of the day also from survivethark.com Thanks for a great bot!
  5. Well at least I was right about the Tuesdays being an ARK release day Good news here is that we actually now have a date to HYPE for! A delay is never fun but OMG those pictures looks AWESOME!!!
  6. A delay is never fun but at least we now have a date to HYPE for! And OMG those pictures are awesome
  7. Genesis release date speculation! So I dug up some old info on what weekday it was when ARK and all its dlcs was released. - ARK Survival Evolved - Tuesday, June 2 2015 Early access release. - ARK Survival Evolved - Full game release - Sunday, August 27 2017. Tuesday August 29th on consoles. - Scorched Earth - Thursday, September 1st 2016. Was released on same day the it was announced. - Aberration - Tuesday, December 12th 2017. Release day announced November 24th 2017. - Extinction - Tuesday, November 6th 2018. Release day announced 19th of June. -GENESIS - Tuesday, 25th of February. Release day announced 23rd of January 2020. So with the 2 latest dlcs released on tuesdays can it be the tuesday that many think of? The 28th? Most of the Legacy network is also brought down this day. I do not think that Genesis is Gonna be delayed once more as it seems from tweets that it is really, really close. Thats also the reason that they do not want to delay it again. It is so close! I expect that release day will drop this week. Followed by full Genesis release next tuesday the 28th of January. Tuesdays and thursdays seems like the ARK release days! What do you think?
  8. Swedish ARK PC community looking for swedish speaking players! The Old Kingdom är en svensk PC spelcommunity för spelintresserade. Vi är ett gott gäng trevliga 30+ människor som älskar att spela spel ihop. Spelet Ark Survival Evolved är vårt överlägset mest spelade spel och även det spel som vi spelar mest tillsammans. Vi har även egna Ark PVE servrar i drift. Visst spelar vi även andra spel som Elder Scrolls Online, WoW och diverse skjutspel i mindre skala. Men Ark Survival Evolved är vår stora gemensamma nämnare och spelet som vi alltid kommer tillbaka till och för oss samman igen. Vill du också ha någon att sitta o snacka med när du spelar ditt favoritspel? Älskar du Ark Survival Evolved? Då är The Old Kingdom communityn något för dig! Discord är vår huvud plattform för kommunikation. Välkommen att joina oss idag! Discord: https://discord.gg/H5EhnbZ Hemsida:https://theeoldkingdom.wordpress.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Old-Kingdom-311578519712972/ Steam Grupp:https://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheeOldKingdom OBS: Ej tillåtet att joina communityn för att marknadsföra sina egna ARK servrar. Då vi redan har egna i drift.
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