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  1. Valentines Day orgies here we come!
  2. Kiting is pretty much the laugh/spit in wildcards face at trying to prevent griefing by disabling dino grabs on PVE, they just sorta hung their head and let it continue. However, glitching stuff onto a quatzs is another matter, go up click Support then Report Abuse and give you all the info and proof you have. I'll warn you though without screenshots and maybe even videos, urine samples and DNA testing you might still get the admin equivalent of 'shrug' in paragraph form.
  3. PS4 has a LOT of issues, not only does it lag like the xbox version but it looks like ass, and if your running it on a standard ps4, it looks like nasty ass. Not being able to remap the controls is a real pain, there are a plathora of bugs I never even saw on the PC version (Such as usually having to close the engram window after learning on engram cause the selection ridicule vanishes so most of the time, not always, you learn close open learn close open learn close open and then you finally have all the cloth parts. learned, on to thatch building materials!) disturbingly clumsy UI makes transfering items from one container/dino to another a absurd chore. The only upside is its a hell of a lot easier to force feed dinos when your clicking a bumper trigger than clicking food clicking remote use over and over again. Were some other issues I noticed but im too tired to remember, crap like exploding sharks (Like itchys still do on PC) for example.
  4. Its pretty gnarly on PS4 also, we also had it for MONTHS on PC before the worst of it was sorted out.
  5. If its not a color change (refer to your critters wiki page to see what color regions it has available) then it has to be a stat mutation, however from what I can tell just about any stat can mutate (especially food, oh those genetically obese dinos I swear) so yeah if your not keeping very strict records you can easily lose track of what changes.
  6. Most creatures wouldnt be even stupid enough to approach a squid or mosa. At the moment the oceans in perfect harmony and not a single creature eats its neighbor like some sort of aquatic jahovas witness brochure, until a tamed dino shows up and they band together and rush blindly at said tame dino no matter what it is. Least on land most herbavores get attacked by carnivores and some carnivores prey on other carnivores (mostly rex) but you go into the ocean? Happy fun times for all the coels.
  7. Paintings pretty wonky too you'll see once it lands for you guys its not like oh I want to paint the spots on my rex blue 'click' its really damn clumsy and the base color can alter a lot of color tones making some impossible to emulate with paint. However a good mutation color might make a fantastic base for a paint job.
  8. I usually aim for 30 fort when leveling in pve to help with erratic weather paterns of theisland, and with 30 fort and prim desert gear on SE your pretty comfortable in all but the worst superheats. Been a big fan of fort for a VERY long time but iv always lived in pretty cold areas (including the ocean) on a primitive server, but I have like....50 on my main character.
  9. Iv played 'alot' of pve (primitive mind you) official and though it would be painful I would understand a full wipe on release. Imagine going okay we are done time to sell the game as finished! All pvp servers are full of duped tek tiered tek armored giga alpha tribes, quick refund there. Then you have PVE servers, where every inch of prime land has been built on or double pillared for the past two years so the newly lured in 'by release' players spend a hour trying to find a spot to build a campfire while being frozen to death, eatin by snakes, tranq camped by troods, met the super wolverine dodos or the classic tried to swim across a river and got eaten by piranha - anothe good set of reasons to refund. Basically they would have to change the store page to encourage unofficial servers first, official as a last resort. That aside, they DEFINATELY need to spend some more time setting clear bounderies betwen PVP and PVE, gets old being nerfed in PVE cause of PVP. (FIRE ARROWS )
  10. Is that you my long lost aquatic brother? (About three thousand hours in, under, or on the ocean official primitive PVE, solo 99% of that time.)
  11. Even if there was a dps difference id prefer a theri over a rex, saddles are in the same loot pool for me , theri is more compact faster and turns way better while having veggie cake is a pretty good balancer on its lower health pool. That being said, its much easier to tame large numbers of rex though honestly if someone is thinking of doing boss content I doubt they will be worried about the 'easy' route.
  12. That's just not how logic works logic adheres to due process and your ignoring a lot with that statement lol. However I wasnt refering to the fact that higher oxygen makes you swim faster making no sense, I was refering to the fact that jacking up movement speed as a whole in ark is the most common approach for pvp because speed is life, especially when you can run the length of the map on foot in like ten minutes. They already reduced the speed per point you get for movement on the no-tame servers For ark its essentially a legal speedhack, if you go and watch (as an example) people playing SOTF matches they almost never put points into health, instead going pure weight and speed. Devs are trying desperately to make ark challenging with obnoxious mechanics when adjusting speed values would have been a better approach IMO.
  13. Overcranked speed values unbalancing stuff in ark is a another cat of bags all together, not the first time iv heard of a 1k+ oxy with flippers solo swimming the lost caverns and crap like that or jacking movement up so high on pvp they require explosions to kill. Iv got around 900 oxy myself but I play on prim, no flippers for me, its fun but honestly I dont think we should be able to adjust movement speed lol.
  14. Iv got a crapton of thornys, they are exactly like beavers (In too many ways, including how easily they are knocked back despite the size difference) Only real difference is the thornys tail attack, lower swim speed, and eating meat instead of berries. I actually cart a beaver and a thorny around with me when im building, I use a Theri power harvester to get wood then throw it on one of the two, other holds stone for a doed. Basically pick whatever you want, in the end they are just fancy pack mules.
  15. Yeah only dino that im aware of currently to be immune to jellyfish/eel electrocute attack is the Basilosaur, everything else has its rider dismounted except for squids (who are slowed and unable to attack while electrocuted).