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  1. Pretty much everything thats wrong with pvp, is why I play PVE. Even went as far as to play on Primitive PVE for lower population as a whole, my only regret in that regard is constantly being nerfed cause of Prim PVP, and no non-prim+ thecenter servers. Why you do this wildcard?
  2. Different caves are better dealt with by certain tames, wolves are inheriently squishier as a whole but easier to replace. Two important ones to note however apart from those two are Terror Birds and Baryonyx - the former for its parachute like glide ability which makes it vastly superior for caves like the one found on Death Island, and better saddles are vailable for them through fishing. Baryonyx while not having access to better than primitive quality saddles is as tough as a carno, as nimble as a raptor and the undisputed king of water intensive caves (such as the Upper Southern cave with its deep winding underwater section filled with piranha and sarcos) and if for some reason you 'really' want the loot crate that sometimes spawns in the water pool of the cave near the volcano on Theisland baryonyx handily plows through the 40-50 piranha you usually find in there.
  3. Wild ones are pretty nuts. They can hit the rider of small-medium class tames, ignore armor, damage stone (small amounts but still what the hell), and have THE absolute longest memory of any wild dino period. Once you aggravate these things they NEVER go away, I had one get pushed out of my taming raft when I clipped a rock avoiding a alpha raptor, the theri chased my raft to the ocean, killed some guys lowbie spino, then spent twenty minutes ping ponging between my raft, a guys ptera that was trying to help, and the base of the owner of the dead spino. Chased my raft back up the river a good I dunno sixty meters or so when I went to fetch my argent, chased me back down to ocean, chased the ptera guy back and forth before finally plowing into a guy that was moving all his dinos along the beach and getting murdered. Theriz are serious buiseness yo.
  4. Thats a pretty broad and difficult question to be honest, what makes a game best? Best Story? Ha, no. Best Gameplay? IMO, no. Best Music? No, needs more main menu/load screens nice though. Best Graphics? Wouldnt know, potato laptop. Best Value? $32 CAD for 4417 hours? Im going with a yes on this one. ----- Would trade my first play through of Super Metroid, Resident Evil 2, Parasite Eve, first four years in WoW, Azure Dreams, Mass Effect 2, Zelda A link to the Past, Megaman 2, Secret of Evermore, ect ect ect ect....ect..... for Ark? Never.
  5. From what I can tell average stats before imprinting and leveling is roughly 1700-1800 health, 1.6k ish stamina, 500ish weight, 280-300 melee. Post imp/lvl id expect no less than 400% melee , 4-5k health and either 2k stamina (if used to assist in taming, IE keeping torpor up as even a 500% takes forever to KO something with these) and probably 800-1k weight? not sure on that last one.
  6. Iv not seen anything official so far regarding the pushback rumors but generally speaking wildcard never hits a ETA especially if its something big, and primal survival is a total conversion type big deal so if we see it before mid to late summer ill be shocked. Im hoping they will start fishing for feedback in regards to what players want in this instead of going the 'trying to compete' thing like what happened with the conan exiles and the no-tame servers that popped up in response.
  7. Hardest tame in ark? Wildcard Devs
  8. Tried a whip? Whips are awesome.
  9. If you want argent, go for Caverns of Lost Faith, crates in the big sea caves (Lost Faith and Lost Hope) have argent in their loot tables, iv gotten so many MC and lower ones that I began tossing them, along with three ASC of various qualities (highest was like...92 armor?). But youll need a good squid or tribemates with mosas for Lost Hope. You can also get, in order from least rare to most rare: Diplodocus, argent, chalico,tapejara, bronto (normal), rex,spino, kapro and tuso.
  10. Got blue horned sheep (rams?) that look pretty cool, though im on PVE primitive PC so they arnt available to most people, still its a thing for people to aim for while breedin, tricky part is the females can carry horn mutations but for obvious reasons can only be seen on males.
  11. Sounds like a future theri. On a more serious note, id like to see this one especially with conjuction with human players alongside dino ones. Even for PVE would be helluva lot of fun.
  12. Vanishing Purlovia and Tuso About a week ago my Purlovia vanished, it was left burrowed inside my base (at ground level so it was burrowed into a permanent rock rather than foundation) after a few patches its little dirt pile was gone but I could still see its name and make it unburrow/burrow so I didnt think anything of it, then a micro patch came along and the purlovia was just gone. This was on SE primitive PVE 770. Then tonight one of my tusotuethis vanished into thin air when I went out to gather meat, when i came back my other squid was still present,none of my aquatics had moved but the lower level squid was just gone. Only reason I can figure it was deleted is it was parked very close to the sea bed, so its tentacles were pushing through the map though it had been there for quite some time. This was on primitive PVE 477.
  13. Update got pushed to 24th but 400 dino limit per tribe is officially on the notes now (and aquatic breeding is end of next month wooo), people are already all snarky with 'well we will just split into alliances'. Comming up next: PVE alliance nerfs! o.o;
  14. Highest id killed with my plesios was a 45 alpha mosa but that was with a ASC plat saddle and tons of health (shes got like....24k?) but was pretty rough. Alpha squids arent that bad because they flee at like 20% health. However due to the danger of angler sandwhich or sneaky jellyfish or adds, id recommend saving up for a squid tame or even a basilo - squids are the dominant alpha killers in the ocean (they are exceptionally good at killing alpha squids, without the grab ability alpha squids are much weaker than alpha mosas.) Basilos heal extroidinarily fast a high end one can hit and run repeatedly to wittle down a alpha, some may even get lured up far enough that the basilo can maintain its OP healing. They are also immune to squid grab/jelly attacks (entirely, unlike squids who are just immune to the knockoff) however they are also very slow, you might die of old age before you can get TO the alphas.
  15. Unfortunately these critters are all kinds of messed up. They are limited PER MAP spawn (like titans, which is stupid) and can spawn in most of the caves, but cant get out of most of them and you cant upload them to cave drops so your only recourse is to find what caves they are in and if its one of the smaller caves, kill them. And thats assuming they havnt bugged into the floor as mentioned above.