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  1. The Larkator app is also a good tool that has helped me find lost dinos in the past.
  2. I found this solution or at least a variation of this solution to work for me. Try it.
  3. At the risk of sounding like a scrooge...…. what is so appealing about the Easter event? You collect eggs to make bunny costumes? Or is there something else that happens that makes it fun....?
  4. I'm sorry that this happened to you guys. Some people just suck.
  5. On the island, single player, I leave an anky on wander on herbivore island and fly my argy over anytime I need metal. I have other alternative spots for metal as well, but none other places that I can safely leave an anky .
  6. It's my understanding that you can shoot from the passenger seat of a Tapejara also, but I haven't tried it yet.
  7. I love the Axeman YouTube videos, especially his single player ones, even when he's using designer maps and mods. He's easy to listen to and tends to make the same kind of goofy mistakes that I do.
  8. Ugh.... I hate to hear that this is still happening. It was this bug in combination to some crazy lag that led to me quitting the game for a couple of years. I will say that I haven't had this happen to me this time around, though.
  9. Will the Dimorph prevent you from getting pounced when picking up a raptor or simply attack after you're already pounced?
  10. Yeah, they're amazingly vicious. I think I'll try to tame a flock of them and see how they do as aerial defense in comparison to the dimorphs.
  11. The best place to do this is on an island or a peninsula. On the island map there is a cool islet on the south coast that works perfectly for this. I release Sarcos on wander in the large harbor area and they do fine as well, although they occasionally wander into the wooded area and get stuck on a rock or tree. The Pegos do fine, however. They keep the area free of Dilos and wild Sarcos and rarely stray off of the peninsula.
  12. I tame these and set them on neutral and wander and let them go. They collect their own food and kill almost every aggressive dino that crosses their path, and if they die it's no big loss.
  13. I was surprised how fun it suddenly became to tame a Hesperornis after I had an Ichy. They are the primo fetch and retrieve, especially for prime fish.
  14. Oh yeah! I have to parallel park my Theris all the time
  15. You're so right! I especially remember as a new player getting lost in the middle of the night and accidently wandering near the swamp. I finally remembered to light up a torch and immediately found myself staring into the face of a T Rex, who seemed almost as stunned as I was. I panicked and started running and quickly was destroyed by a Titanboa. I honestly can't remember any other game that provides that level of enjoyable terror
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