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  1. Turret change discussion megathread

    And you can not defend your Dinos now dont matter who you are Alpha or not. Everyone has to do RL Things and so on and then you offline Raided by a Dodo now..
  2. Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    Solution for make Autoturrets working correct so that they not useless. Make Ammo who pircer Armor for Autoturrets Make Autorocketlauncher what can destory Structuturs. Make the Targetsystem of Turrets faster so that you cant outrun them with Dinos/Players. Remove the Griffin from Game its far OP in all if it belongs to PVP. (OR Give him 1/4 HP und 1/2 Stam and Reduce basespeed by 50% ) Maybe make some Flamethrower or soming so that you can defend Entraces. Lower the Hp of all Dinos by half HP make Amor max 50% dmg reduction. Make Traps not expolde by Allies.
  3. you have an cooldown on transfer for Dinos for 24 Hours...

    Mhm sure i farmed 3 weeks for 1 medium boss fight... And i was not alone.

    And do that for 100h+ for 25 Spinosails what a solution is this?
  6. Q: Boss after transfer?

    You can do the boss but have to wait 24 hours bevore you can move your dinos back. And you cannot take the element with you what you get.
  7. ARK Digest Q&A!

    What happen with the old Legacy Clusters the Ragnarok ones ? You ever move them to the other maps isolated Clusters?
  8. The Center Bosses Change??

    I hope they dont forget the Isolated Ragnarok Cluster... I have no chance to get other Engramms then Ragnarok ones until the change the Cluster.
  9. Boss spawn commands do not work?

    Use this http://sparcmx.com/commander/ and all thing are easy to spwan
  10. How do I find a Giga?

    https://ark.gamepedia.com/Spawn_Map_(The_Island) Choose Giga and it shows you the Locations where it can be
  11. You need more Server? I would Suggest you host your own Sever PVE Officals are not Moderated and because of that they are full of Greafers and Cheaters. Its not really fun to play on that.
  12. How to make adolescent wyvern land?

    If a baby beginns to fly i usaly let them follow a dino and put that dino near the througs.
  13. And you can Cage this PPLS or Kill it so you can Punish it. So PVP is Moderated by the Alphas.
  14. Just fly up to the sky until the griffin has no stamina then kill him ;). Easy going if the griffin have to dive for dmg and you allways fly up he wont get 1 hit ...
  15. Why no 2x raising?

    Pls all PPLS who want the 2x Breeding Weeknd back Make a /singed to this Thread. Thx for your help!
  16. Why no 2x raising?

    You dont get the point more Sever means only you push the wall (the dinolimit ) to another Date you can play in style what you want but you have to live with the consequenzes of your choises which mean in this matter there will be a Date when your Sever reach the Taming limit no matter if 2x breeding kibble rework or somthing else its just push the Problem to the next Day and this is why is say no Offical PVe because Game not work well in this Mod (look at all the other Problems)
  17. Why no 2x raising?

    Woot my Giga is Rising now and i can sleep at Night Yippi
  18. Why no 2x raising?

    Just play PVP Problem Solved... Or on own Sever... 1x breeding change only the time you hit the limit but 1 week earyler and 1 week later that makes the diffrent? And thx for 2x breeding Weekend again!
  19. I care about because Kibble rework also is for PVP and that is not needet. PVP regulate itelf. PVE is a Mode Ark isnt desigent for ... PVE Offical Severs show that they are full after 2 Months because Game is Desigent all around PVP. WIthout PVP there is just a Wall that never goes away and even there is a Kibble Rework you allways will reach this Wall at some Time so there is still no point in OFFICAL PVE Server..
  20. Why no 2x raising?

    With breeding 2x Yeah
  21. Structures +

    All the Structures made it to the Game he says in the twicht Stream. But he say things that to op for PVP dont make in,
  22. PVP Sever need to be Offical for one Reason. You ever Raidet an Admin?

    They still way to rare ... farmed 9 Spinosails in around 3 Weeks with 15 plls looking for it...
  24. Simple Remove all Official PVE Sever if anyone want to play it PVE he can make it on his own Sever. I see absolutly no point in Offical PVE Sever . They are not moderatet and full of greafers and Props that a PVP Sever or a coustum Moderatet PVE Server not have...

    Farmed there Yesterday around 5 Hours not 1 Spino ...