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  1. Leave your Pve Official and go make your Own Sever with Friends and you never had to dial with Cap again. So easy...
  2. Griffin Balance

    Oh Really? That i dont know ! Thx for Info
  3. Too many tamed?

    there are toons of server with good pop and you can also trade from you own Sever with the Auctioneer mod so you are missing nothing.
  4. Too many tamed?

    You know i see a lot of PVE officals who not have more then overall 1-5 Players. And who said a Sever with 5-10 PPls can not be good? In Fact in PVE you dont want really more on one Sever ... Thats the PVE Proplematic because of laag and Pillaring. I have with Friends Rented 3 Sever they now in a Cluster we are just 10-15 ppls but in fact is far more Fun then the 2 Years i played on Offical before. Becaue i can desicde with wo i want to play and have´t do dial with idiods. What says the SWTOR Developer in a Interview" We disabled Friendly Fire because most players are .... well... Idiots"
  5. Griffin Balance

    In Fact is the Griffins not made From WC itself made from the folk who made the Ragnork Map which is not close to finish. The whole Map is unbalanced and not finished look at Pearl cave 17k Pearls in 10 Mins on offical without any enmy in the Cave. Look at the Spino Spawns ....... and and and... And the Griffin itelf is in the Game now yeah but its far away from balanced. A Bird who you can shoot From. A bird who makes the Most Dmg of all Dinos. The Bird with the most Hp. The Fastet Bird. So what else Dino is the best in all? They Nerved they Flyers because of a Reason and now we have the same poop bevore the Nerv...
  6. Too many tamed?

    I played 2 Years on Ark PVP Server Official i said its not worth the Time and effort better do handle with own Sever /Friends and you can adjust the Game so that is not a Game for Workless Humans they dotn have do to anything else as hanging around 24h/day in a Game...
  7. Ragnarok spino spawns

    i reportet that weeks before and instead of fix this you kicked me from your discord ... Really nice Job...
  8. Too many tamed?

    sure there is an ah mod wich let you trade with all the other wit ah mod
  9. Its true offical PVP is all about Diplomatic BUT somtimes the Diplomatic fail and there is no Gamer Honor anymore what means PPLS use every Bug/Glitch/Unbalance they can find to destory you even if you have a Pact. Played 2 near 3 Years on offical PVP but i must say its not the Time worth you have to Invest. You have to grind 10000 of Hours for the Fact that others that dont play Fair (Dupe Items, Underground Raid and so on) can you wipe so easy even if you been a very good Diplomat...
  10. Too many tamed?

    A Tip from me: If you play PVE look for an Unoffical Server with good Community or if you have some Friends to play with Rent a Sever and play with your Friends. You have so much more of the Game if you let this PVE Offical Severs alone...
  11. Turret change discussion megathread

    And you can not defend your Dinos now dont matter who you are Alpha or not. Everyone has to do RL Things and so on and then you offline Raided by a Dodo now..
  12. Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    Solution for make Autoturrets working correct so that they not useless. Make Ammo who pircer Armor for Autoturrets Make Autorocketlauncher what can destory Structuturs. Make the Targetsystem of Turrets faster so that you cant outrun them with Dinos/Players. Remove the Griffin from Game its far OP in all if it belongs to PVP. (OR Give him 1/4 HP und 1/2 Stam and Reduce basespeed by 50% ) Maybe make some Flamethrower or soming so that you can defend Entraces. Lower the Hp of all Dinos by half HP make Amor max 50% dmg reduction. Make Traps not expolde by Allies.
  13. you have an cooldown on transfer for Dinos for 24 Hours...
  14. Ragnarok spino spawns

    Mhm sure i farmed 3 weeks for 1 medium boss fight... And i was not alone.
  15. Ragnarok spino spawns

    And do that for 100h+ for 25 Spinosails what a solution is this?