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  1. I think this would be nice rules but Rules are only good if you can check if ppls dont break them. In this Game you cant check if one is trading with another so this rules are pointless.
  2. Hey Jat pls make Statement about PVP PC Sever taming limit !!!! Mistake like last time? Or you want it to leave so?

  3. Tamed a 150 Rex wit 0,7hp of life after torporing him
  4. Say Thx to all the PPLS who Cheat and Abuse their way... Glitchraiding,Duping Items, Block Spawns, Block Server Transfer and and that cames out if no one have Honor... Its like a Sportgame where the most of the ppl are doping what else can you do as make a step back and start from the Scratch? I was thinking about that around 1 Year bevore and is said at that Time that is not Realistic that there is no Wipe to much abusing to much Balance changes. To much difference between new Players and old Ones . To much Severs and the list goes on...
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