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  1. Alpha Gauntlet missions need small adjustment Hello! I'm fairly inactive on this website, but I figured I'd pop in and make a suggestion. As it stands, Gauntlet Alpha is, I would say, too difficult. Not because of mob strength, but because of the time limit. Overall mission time isn't particularly relevant when the wave timer is what will be breathing down your neck, and the wave timer in specific doesn't adjust to match the difficulty of the waves, so the first wave and the last wave are disproportionately difficult, due to weak weapons and powerful mobs, respectively. There are a few solu
  2. Obviously it wouldn't be an industrial scale farm, just like, a greenhouse. Obviously, a greenhouse wouldn't feed many things, but I'm sure there are alternative sources of food that doesn't need pollination.
  3. Or, just get like, 1,000 workers to go around manually pollinating things all day.
  4. Well, yeah, but I mean, Apples and Soy beans aren't the only two sources for Protien, Iron, Potassium, Calcium, and starch
  5. Most wild herbivores eat Grass, and flora that doesn't require pollination You'd be surprised how many things can survive without bees. I dare say, there's be almost no herbivorous species go extinct. Yes, while some herbivores do eat flowers and such, I've never heard of an animal that lived exclusively on plants that require pollination, and thus, I don't think any herbivore species will go extinct. Sure, we'll lose some flowers, maybe even a species of tree or two, even the majority of some plant populations, but for the most part, we'd be fine.
  6. That's actually a Myth. By losing bees, we'd lose all of what, honey and plants that require pollination? The Meat industry would be fine, there's plenty of crops that'd be fine, all in all, I'd say it's worth it to get rid of those goddamn flying stingers.
  7. What are you talking about? Raptors are real, get a load of this guy. Next thing you know, he'll tell me that Water is Wet, and that Birds fly.
  8. Raptors aren't real Bees are real Bees are Genocidal Bees must be eliminated.
  9. insane man brings bloodthirsty killer bees to survival death arena.
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