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  1. On 7/3/2017 at 2:57 PM, UDGxKnight said:

    Cuz this thread is still relevant.... I am not "high" there are literally very few GAME BREAKING bugs i.e. bugs that crash the game and keep you from playing it at all. Dino's disappearing, babies dying, lost characters, etc etc are not inherently game breaking seeing as how you can continue to play wether or not those things happen. However, those bugs are annoying and they are being fixed in the massive amount of optimizations going on currently, or did you ignore the past few patch notes. Anyways, don't quote from something almost a month old its just kind of annoying as I have already defended my opinion and don't feel like doing it again. Especially with underhanded insults, not direct insults cause I don't care but still slight ones.

    So the fact that there are duping bugs and easy ways to ddos the server isn't game breaking. Official server are being attacked by ddos daily. The ragnarok map didn't even come out on Xbox yet and all the animals looks like polygons after the last "optimization". The full game is delayed as well so yeah they're really on track.....

  2. On 6/18/2017 at 0:27 PM, bigfish502 said:

    How does one submit screenshots for the community crunch contests? I play on Xbox One.

    Right! I have the same question. How about a contest with no mods on itbfor people who play on console. All the builds are great the majority contain modded structures or additions. 


  3. 18 minutes ago, UDGxKnight said:

    Ragnarok is a community created modded map, not WC's content and its free the exact same as the Center so those aren't even fuel for a debate. Scorched Earth was planned to come out after release but thanks to the company that made Dungeon Defenders that Jeremy used to work for decided to sue him and Ark they needed some financial assistance for the game without directly admitting it, so SE came out early and it was perfectly fine. I don't understand the hatred about a DLC pre-release if it provides exactly what it promises 

    So you think wildcard isn't working on ragnarok right now!?. Which by the way isn't even a finished map 

    "Note that Ragnarok is still in primary development, and so it will continue to expand with updates over time."

    Be realistic., their releasing all this content while the game that We purchased during early acces remains super glitchy and seems like it still will be after it's out officially.  

    I got it dude, you love the developing team for some reason and have faith in them. That's fine, but the last year seems to point to the fact that their more interested in releasing a physical copy and coming out of early acces than actually fixing the multitude of problems with the performance. 

    I don't see what point your trying to make. You believe they will have a finished game without bugs (major bugs at least) and I don't believe that's true. You seem to be 100%sure of that yet it's been a year and still takes ages to join a server in consoles because you must wait for it to crash first, then try and join again....but hey! You got a griphon and a season pass coming soon! 

  4. 2 minutes ago, UDGxKnight said:

    I don't buy season passes, waste of time if you start playing the game and realize you don't like it so spending that extra $ was pointless. I am confident in the devs of this game just like YOU should be because if it wasn't for them the game wouldnt exist. Oh no the game that I was completely and 100% warned about being buggy before I bought it for half price is actually buggy :o who would have possibly guessed that would be the case. Take your unhappy attitude to a different game if you want to be a pessimist >.> game will be better off without sourpusses 

    Well I see where you're coming from. Although I don't see it as a negative or pessimistic view. And you can see from all the other people here commenting on your posts. Two DLCs (scorched earth and now ragnarok) before the game is fully out is just not promising. They're spending all this time in this ragnarok map when my Dinos keep going through the map. And I'm glad you don't subscribe to season passes. Horrible industry practice. Hope it gets fixed but my doubts are strong. 

  5. On 6/12/2017 at 0:33 PM, UDGxKnight said:

    You think that can't fix the actual few major bugs there are in 2 months? Really? In reality in the scope of the game there are few if not barely any game breaking bugs, its just little things that I'm sure they will easily fix now that basically all the pre-release content is in

    You're so confident about that huh!? It's been a months and the Xbox version is still incredibly buggy. So yeah they will probably release a buggy unfinished product and get suckers like you to buy a season pass.

  6. 9 hours ago, UDGxKnight said:

    Don't bring the disappearing dino salt in here please. We all apologize but come on already just replace said creature and move on. You are just choosing to make a bigger deal out of this than is necessary. 


    An Honest Survivor

    What!? So you're just fine with the game being broken and not only that but not being addressed. I myself find this Bee addition ridiculous.  I play on pvp official none of that modded boosted stuff. And can't go out my base without crashing. Can't tame a decent lvl  "archer" because the pelagornis are invisible. Sounds to me like they could work on, or at least address our concerns rather than just showing a new animal that private server survivors can just force tame. Yeah such Hype... 

  7. 9 hours ago, Farris said:

    Thank you for the DLC. I'm loving it. Its hard in so many good ways.

    There is only one thing that bothers me and its the return of the REALLY LONG tames. Taming a 120 argent is now 3.5 hours if you can manage to gather 94 raw prime meat without having it spoil. Which is pretty hard on official. Taming a 120 anky is over 10 hours with berries which is more a boring chore than it is enjoyably hard. 

    My question is wether or not there will be updates to the kibble tree. Or are we just missing something, like argents eating terror bird kibble or ankys suddenly enjoying scorpion kibble or whatever. Or is it just supposed to be like this? As it is atm i can't help think its an oversight. Could you clarify this Jeremy Stieglitz?

    Yeah it is impossible to tame anything in Scorched earth for those of us playing on official. No kibble for ankylo would mean a 10 hour tame. No patchys mean no kibble for paracer, that's another 5 hour tame! Come on wildcard please answer this. 


    Idk who decided on the time, but the official server taming takes ages already and scorched earth makes it worst. 

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