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  1. Well Xbox ragnarok launch didn't give me much confidence. Still seeing animals as polygons over here. But at least they're still in schedule.
  2. So the fact that there are duping bugs and easy ways to ddos the server isn't game breaking. Official server are being attacked by ddos daily. The ragnarok map didn't even come out on Xbox yet and all the animals looks like polygons after the last "optimization". The full game is delayed as well so yeah they're really on track.....
  3. Right! I have the same question. How about a contest with no mods on itbfor people who play on console. All the builds are great the majority contain modded structures or additions.
  4. So you think wildcard isn't working on ragnarok right now!?. Which by the way isn't even a finished map "Note that Ragnarok is still in primary development, and so it will continue to expand with updates over time." Be realistic., their releasing all this content while the game that We purchased during early acces remains super glitchy and seems like it still will be after it's out officially. I got it dude, you love the developing team for some reason and have faith in them. That's fine, but the last year seems to point to the fact that their more interested in releasing a physical copy and coming out of early acces than actually fixing the multitude of problems with the performance. I don't see what point your trying to make. You believe they will have a finished game without bugs (major bugs at least) and I don't believe that's true. You seem to be 100%sure of that yet it's been a year and still takes ages to join a server in consoles because you must wait for it to crash first, then try and join again....but hey! You got a griphon and a season pass coming soon!
  5. Well I see where you're coming from. Although I don't see it as a negative or pessimistic view. And you can see from all the other people here commenting on your posts. Two DLCs (scorched earth and now ragnarok) before the game is fully out is just not promising. They're spending all this time in this ragnarok map when my Dinos keep going through the map. And I'm glad you don't subscribe to season passes. Horrible industry practice. Hope it gets fixed but my doubts are strong.
  6. You're so confident about that huh!? It's been a months and the Xbox version is still incredibly buggy. So yeah they will probably release a buggy unfinished product and get suckers like you to buy a season pass.
  7. So it's ALL this content coming to Xbox one or are we left just waiting to catch up with PC as always.
  8. Another post with great content that is console players need to wait possibly months to acquire. Another contest just for PC that favors people that use mods. Xbox only has superpowered turkeys... caves haven't worked correctly on Xbox for a long time now (specially on the island, snow area) maybe at least they'll fix that.
  9. What!? So you're just fine with the game being broken and not only that but not being addressed. I myself find this Bee addition ridiculous. I play on pvp official none of that modded boosted stuff. And can't go out my base without crashing. Can't tame a decent lvl "archer" because the pelagornis are invisible. Sounds to me like they could work on, or at least address our concerns rather than just showing a new animal that private server survivors can just force tame. Yeah such Hype...
  10. Yeah it is impossible to tame anything in Scorched earth for those of us playing on official. No kibble for ankylo would mean a 10 hour tame. No patchys mean no kibble for paracer, that's another 5 hour tame! Come on wildcard please answer this. Idk who decided on the time, but the official server taming takes ages already and scorched earth makes it worst.
  11. Rhyme2hot


    A small pyramid built on a PvP official servers.
  12. My tribes mate built a pyramid that I thought was worth sharing with the community.
  13. So anyone else feel left out for playing official servers on Xbox1 and not having acces to cool stuff like Windows and couches? How can I compete with couches!
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