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  1. I have to say im excited for it, But on a side note, can we do away with or atleast raise the freaking tame caps on officials?! A majority of the servers have become unplayable because their all at tame cap. sorta raptor over new people trying to play.
  2. I got a download going now thats a normal update, cant find the page for it specifically though
  3. yeah I just seen those. Bloody hell abit extreme aint it? granted i guess they need some reason to farm Ammonite bile i guess besides darts
  4. Yutyrannus: Prefers Kentro kibble (Ammonite bile, Golden Egg, Mejoberries, Fiber) or Meat to tame. What the hell? is this true?!?
  5. Would be nice to get some of these Quality of life mods on official. My base could really use a couch or 2
  6. Who knew Microraptors were so photogenic
  7. Yet still bound in the fact that hey, we players payed for it, Without us buying it, they wouldnt have funds to even develop the game as far as they did, So yes, we, as consumers of the product, have the right to be angry about it.
  8. Like, I can understand making their base speed abit slower, but this? this is overkill and pants on head stupid
  9. Quetz cannot be leveled in speed. They are stuck at 136.5. They also continue to lose stam in the air even if unmounted. Wyverns cannot be leveled in speed. They are stuck at 100. Argy speed is also capped at 100. Pteras are capped at 135.Movement speed Is this your alls idea of a joke? Like seriously did you wake up and think Oh lets see how we can break the game for people. You all aint helping your all being just a bunch of game dictators. Reverse the nerf.
  10. Well between this or a chalico, I could start being a mobile nomad among the servers of ark haha
  11. Can we use them as Troodon bait? Or bait carnivores with em? Or better yet, launch them with catapults at the walls of tribes who annoy me? -Dragon age inquisition reference-
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