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  1. "On Friday, September 3rd, we will be enabling full server transfers into Genesis Part II on our Official Servers across all platforms. Once enabled, players will be able to download items and creatures onto the map without restriction!" Yeah I'm not sure what's going on. It said in their announcements in mid August that Sept 3rd was open transfers..
  2. I'm stuck as well on crossark official
  3. I thought this was opened up a couple weeks ago on Official..?
  4. @Zapha, see that's what I thought too.... thus the reason why I'm asking if it was supposed to last longer. Yeah, my reaper literally just got shafted for imprints. 23 mins til imprint and the event was shut off lol..
  5. gotcha. on a side note, did they disable transferring on and off Genesis 2? Everyone on my server seems to be stuck on here.
  6. I thought this "special" Evo event was supposed to last longer than just today or did I misread something?
  7. Does anyone run this cave anymore on Alpha? I lost my character during a transfer and am looking to finish this cave off. If you do and have an extra spot open, can you let me know please?
  8. Once you restart the "hack", I'd be ok if I even got half of my progress back. The radius at which it needs to "wander" should be chopped by like 25% i think 6000 units or w\e you wanna call it, is a bit too much. I spend SO much time literally going in a circle around the radius. I really think Wildcard needs to take some time and revamp this taming system for the stryders
  9. What in the f happened to taming stryders???? It's impossible with all the server lag and instability! i'm on my 10th attempt and getting 50+% multiple times! Why make a mini game so sensitive to Ping/Lag WildCard?? Edit: 11th attempt and 96% tamed.. THE BOXES DIDN'T EVEN SHOW WILDCARD!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I FAILED.... Edit: 12th attempt! Boxes desynced... FAILED AGAIN! Edit: 13th attempt! Boxes didn't even show up................ NICE MINI-GAME WILDCARD Edit: 14th attempt! Boxes didn't even show up...... AGAIN Edit: 15th attempt! I clicke
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