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  1. Seems to me they left out "We sincerely appologize" and "we will make every effort to avoid this in the future".......... And considering they language that they've used so far, ie "we'll never make those people happy", this just doesn't cut it for me. It's great that they're adding more content but what of bug fixes? We're heading into the "home stretch" by simply adding content? Nope not buying it for a nickle. At this point Wildcard will only get a thumbs up and DLC purchase out or me if and when they every actually finish the core game.
  2. Honestly I'm more that a little irritated that I spent money to support and EARLY ACCESS game that still needs lots of work and the devs have instead been busy working on paid DLC. Finish the dang game THEN try to sell us more stuff. I would gladly shell out some more cash for DLC if the devs gave me a finished stable core game. Until then Wildcard won't get another dime out of me.
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