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  1. When are yall going to learn the devs dont give a poop? Theyre selling their company because they cant handle bug fixing. Have you ever seen them reply anywhere? They have community managers and commumity devs yet they will NEVER respond to you. Wildcard has never gave a raptor about its fanbase. Probably the worst dev team in history of gaming. They put off a vibe as if they really want their game to just die and be forgotten. They could easily keep us updated and tell us what theyre working on or fixing. But they dont. And they never will. RIP ARK so much potential yet the devs killed their own game.
  2. Wildcard is such a joke. They really dont read their forums lol.
  3. Yup just lost in a fight and lost a ton of poop because shadow steak turned my screen white. GG wildcard.
  4. I have a list of bugs that need attention. I've played your game since the hour of release of the game preview. I have over two-thousand hours played. Please take these issues seriously as they effect not only my tribe but all of your players. Bugs: 1. Cave drops and artifacts are missing on ragnarok. 2. The Manticore has a bug with its AI where it will sometimes get stuck in a loop of landing and taking off. Sometimes never landing at all. We've lost hundreds of hours of breeding failing the ragnarok boss fight multiple times due to the manticore never landing. 3. Meshing is still a serious issue that needs to be addressed in any type of way ASAP. 4. The "too many turrets in range these will no longer be functional or whatever" message is popping up on unofficial dedicated servers even though they abide by the 100 per 34 foundation rule. From testing it appears you may only have 100 turrets per 60+ foundations currently. Suggestions: 1. Tek troughs need their radius increased. The capacity is cool but a range increase by at least 2x wouldnt hurt and would reduce the amount of troughs on servers. 2. Turtles need a purpose. They're ignored and useless at the moment. 3. ORP for official. It works very well and promotes a good competitive playstyle on dedicated. Their is no honor in an offline raid. It would also help smaller tribes, solo players and people with jobs severely. Less people would quit the game. 4. Consoles need some type of love. They need mods. The content is out their it just needs ported. Their are many great modders in the ark community. Even with extinction being out the game is going to be stale again in a month or two. We've already fought all the titans in the first week for example. I really hope someone from Wildcard sees this post. I'm very passionate for this game and see its potential. Please dont work on another game. Ark is amazing and all it needs is more content and bug fixing. Nothing is comparable to Ark.
  5. Yeah all of the cave loot boxes and artifacts are missing right now. Wildcard doesnt respond on their forums or their twitters. They only post. Worst development team I've ever dealt with.
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