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  1. Frogs wont do anything. when swarms are attached to your turret towers with plant x on them. Believe me we are no scrubs and have tried everything. Its depressing as hell. Im looking at my friends list and everyone is on other games now. Wildcard always has to make sure their is one thing everyone hates and adds no value to the game what so ever. I truly dont get it. Its almost as if they do it intentionally to force more playtime on players for better statistics to show their investors. Shady as hell if you ask me.
  2. Bug Swarms need addressed ASAP Reposting because the devs have deleted every bug report I've made. I'm following all the rules their is no reason for my posts to be deleted. I have screenshot proof of not only mine but other members from my tribe getting their bug report posts deleted for no reason. I will be passing this information onto a major ark discord and a few youtubers will be making vids on it for sure. Way to go wildcard. Your corrupt.
  3. Bug Swarms need addressed ASAP Ok so long story short.. A 12 year old shouldnt be able to run into a 20 man tribe base and destroy over 100 plant x turrets that are 90% grown. Fix this or you will lose hella players. I want to curse so bad you have no idea. I just know how petty these people are. They'll delete your post in a split second. I've already had a few tribe members tell me their posts were deleted. Gg wildcard. Use your brain. Corrupted dinos made hella people quit on extinction before you guys nerfed them. Stop releasing maps that have game breaking bugs that will take days wort
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