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  1. the server is still online. will they ever keep their word? first they said they won't touch legacy servers, now they want to kill them... before they said we get our dinos and chars restored on ragnarok, then they didn't... then they said we can migrate, but we can't. then they said they will delete our server on 11th, now the server is still on...
  2. When exactly do you kill the servers? Where are the savefiles?
  3. merged?!? Not in our case... just deleted with no option to migrate or upload the char...
  4. So how this shall work? When i go to the obelisc, there is no server to move to... As usual, we are left alone... we were playing on LEGACY-OfficialPrimitivePlus2 PVE
  5. it's not possible to migrate from an official server to an inofficial. We play now for many years, first our prim+centerPVE server was "repurposed" so we were forced to immigrate on another prim+center PVE server (this was the only server to migrate to) and when ragnarok was released, we also played there, two months ago they messed it up with a rollback that deleted both of our chars on ragnarok, and without any help from support we lost everything there. Then i went back to prim+ and now they close our prim+server without any option to migrate. And why my thread was merged? My title: Great migration - but where to go? was far better. i don't have any questions about this so-called migration which doesent deserve that name... just remarks. maybe you should call it "The great Legacy server wipe" (in spite of promises not to touch them)
  6. Great migration, but where to go? Hey, after loosing my char (my tribemate lost his char too) and the complete absence of support und subsequentely loosing all our 200 dinos on ragnarok31 two months ago, i went back to the server we migrated to one year ago when our first server (the center prim+21PVE) was "repurposed", LEGACY-OfficialPrimitivePlus2 PVE where a friend still played.... now they announce that it will be also closed, but checking at the obelisk today there is no server to migrate too... maybe caus there are no more prim+PVE servers left (when we migrated there a year ago or so it was the only option) ... c'mon, i play ark 5564 hours now and you are deleting all my stuff without the chance to migrate somewhere?!? is that how you treat your playerbase?
  7. this is too late for us.... dinos already gone... dinos timer is 8 days and they turn it off 7 days after the loss of characters... not taking in consideration that the timer might have been not on 8 days anymore when the incident happened... i dunno what to write, i suggested so often to turn off the timer... i stop now to write
  8. yes, exactly. no actual hint what we should do... just write a ticket and wait... somewhere they wrote in case of lost char one should not create a new one as then the original char will be lost. my friend an me are playing ark for many years now in the same tribe (no other members) and on ragnarok since it's release, we both have thousands of hours spend ingame (me 5500). we both have a job now so we cant play every day so when i noticed on friday morning that i cannot logg in we were already 4 days offline and i wrote a ticket immediately, and my friend in the evening for his char... so our dino's timer will run out today in about 12 hours from now. my friend and me have no answer from wildcard so far. we managed to contact our ingame neigbours on steamchat and they could feed our dinos caus there are PINs on doors and troughs. but the timer will wear off. they really should stop that timer... this is a less than frustrating scenario and many players will leave that game after loosing all.
  9. thank you i have no experience in singleplayer, i only played multiplayer on a now legacy PvE official server.
  10. In ARK Digest 52 is written, that they will provide savegames from all PVE legacy servers. "Certainly, we’ll do a savedata drop of the current PvE legacies this next week, for all platforms." the question arises now, what will happen to dinos and structures which are tribe owned in multiplayer, when we use that savegame for singleplayer-mode? will they be lost for all members of the tribe or will they be in each tribemember's singleplayer as well? or will we find only the dinos and structures in the singleplayergame which were before personally owned in the multiplayer game?
  11. yeah, i also cannot understand this
  12. i am sorry but i have to agree on that
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