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  1. I rolled back and thought it worked. But it seems to still be happening.
  2. The driver rollback seems to have helped. My laptop only crashed once in a couple of hours but it was a different crash error, the one with the dump log. I will post the version I rolled my driver back to later(at work atm), and keep this thread updated if it happens again. My desktop is running a MSI GTX 1070 & i7 4790k and hasn't had the same issue yet(knock on wood).
  3. Just rolled back gpu drivers. TBD if it helps
  4. So I bought a newer laptop so I could play Ark and other games while I travel. But my laptop keeps crashing to desktop with an error from the game saying "Graphics driver has crashed and reset drivers may be out of date"(paraphrasing, im not at the error screen atm). I have the latest graphics driver. The crash is frequent and annoying. Laptop: MSI GE62VR GTX 1060 I7 16GB DDR4 I have tried setting it to minimum graphics, I have tried disabling the steam overlay. I'd rather not rollback my graphics driver(though I will if that's the only work around).
  5. I dunno. Could make it hard to find carnos and raptors since they are the weakest of the bunch. Especially low level ones when you're building an egg farm.
  6. A google sheet your tribe has access to maybe more useful than folders, so you don't have to check each individual dino to figure out stats. You can sort them etc. For Rexes high health and high melee is all you're really looking for. Though Rexes aren't gonna be overly useful for fending off raiders. You can't leave the base with them while enemies are online or you'll get picked by a flyer.
  7. 1. The only way to have a successful tribe is you have players with staggered game times / time zones. So that you have full 24 hour coverage because ANY base can be taken out if there is a long period of offline raiding. It becomes significantly harder when people are online dog fighting(pteras), refilling autos, and shooting people. 2. If the Chinese are using your server as a main server you may be better finding a new server. 3. With the new rates, level 67 is like a weekends worth of play xD( but if you're new I guess not too shabby).
  8. Get wiped cool. Restart and get a somewhat good foothold, allos in the chicken coop destroying boxes and killing dinos..
  9. Allos are spawning inside my base, inside the gates, and inside the sealed dino pen, and they are killing my dinos. This IS NOT OK
  10. It would be nice to have a GUI that displays all your dinos and their base stats. Currently for breeding there are a few popular methods of keeping track of this information. 1. Create folders in dino inventory named after each stat 2. Create a spreadsheet to track all dinos(what my tribe does on google docs) Problems with 1 is that you have to manually enter all the stats, then when you go to breed dinos you have to manually check each dino to see which one has the best stat. No way to compare easily. Problems with 2 is just that you have to manually enter the information in an external program. It would be nice if there was a management GUI we could pull up that would list all the dinosaurs that currently are owned by the tribe with all their stats maybe (base/current) with several sort options, by dino, by stat, maybe some filter criteria to only show pteras so I can sort by weight or whatever and only show pteras. A grid with a dino icon, the name and then a list of all the stats in columns would suffice! EDIT: GUI stands for "Graphical User Interface"
  11. 1. Will tech tier have any improved navigation systems? Like punching in coordinates and your tek visor could throw up arrows on the hud to lead you to them, or something to that effect. 2. Can we get an improvement on electrical/pipe system? Electrical wires are taller/longer than walls/floors so lining things up is a nightmare. And getting irrigation from a far away river is difficult to line things like cookers up too. Maybe a more standard size for electrical, and/or half pieces? 3. Is there any plan to add a documented REST API for things like notifications, or any other info that may be pertinent so that we can set up our own services/apps to get notifications sent to us etc? Maybe a messaging API to message online tribe members from an app!
  12. Can we get a fix for the beetles? It has been some time since this has been a problem. Beetles stop producing when players log off, and quite often they don't start back until you reset them(by disabling and re-enabling wandering). As someone who has to refill ALOT of plantX. It is extremely inconvenient to have the beetles stop producing. I hate filling them up in the first place, but to come back hours or a day later and find them still full of feces is extremely disheartening. If them not producing while players offline is intended effect though, could you not?
  13. Titan does seem a bit OP. Something you can tame in a day capable of destroying a months worth of base building. I thought the GIGA was OP for being able to slaughter basically an infinite number of unmounted dinos(so much AOE and Alpha) but the Titanosaur is more so. Even only taming a day, you only need it for one lol
  14. Removing the saddle isn't a solution. Capping anky weight at 2x isn't exactly a good solution either, since that defeats a big reason for getting a quetzal if you can't even carry it in talons. But you could cap the anklyo at 2x when not being carried by another dino(currently only quetzal can) so that would make it better to carry it properly. Or cap it at 2x and just auto-transfer mats from the anky to the quetzal when mining while being carried, because that isn't a stretch since both dinos are actually mounted.
  15. It would be nice if structures decayed after becoming demolishable. Maybe after a month it starts rapid decay, but would this include vaults? It seems unfortunate that legitimently gathered items would vanish from the server forever(BPS etc). Then again, why should some underleveled tribe get such easy pickings.