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  1. Terrible idea for PvP servers, don't know anything about PvE servers. But I don't even feel like elaborating on all the ways this is a no.
  2. Spoiler, 1 auto turret isn't much for defense.
  3. Wouldn't work on me, I trained on earth. I know how to hide my power level.
  4. Well making unmounted dinos take fall damage would result in a lot of backlash when people start losing dinos to bad following/disconnecting/wild dinos dying because they walk off a cliff, neutral dinos dying as soon as someone shoots them and they jump off your base, etc etc
  5. Who cares about the logistics, take my money. My dimorphs need to be mounted by monkeys! omg. Can we use the bigger monkeys to remote control argys/quetzals?(pteras seem like theyd be too small) Monkey + headset done and done. But really without any of that, my dimorphs need a monkey rider, they told me so.
  6. yea I want my dinos to just go at it no matter what I say, I should walk into my dino pen and just see fert eggs everywhere, basically I want it to be a big orgy 24/7, I mean what else they got to do but stand in one spot perfectly placed aand eat from the trough when i feed them once a week
  7. EMP for base lol? As if raiding isn't already easy enough, spend months putting up autos and thousands of rounds, EMP no need to even drain the autos.
  8. Guess you need to tame a megalasaurus to pick up your stuck dolphins and probably immediately kill it from beaching lmao
  9. I need all sorts of torture and execution equipment for my base OMG. My tribemates need to be forced into a spike chair!
  10. backspace will hide your HUD and dino names, I use it sometimes around my base when I'm trying to parka bird lol
  11. Well flyers still wouldn't be able to pick up water dinos, and water dinos still wouldnt be able to traverse the land. So only if you were carrying it with a megalasaurus? But I get your point! But hey, if my mosa has 30k health I want to try to get it unstuck for every last bit of that health!
  12. More like If(!dino.inWater) { dino.oxygen.current--; if(dino.oxygen.current < 0) dino.health.current--; } else{ if(dino.oxygen.current < dino.oxygen.max) dino.oxygen.current++; } in other words, not insta death even at oxygen 0, just start losing health like a person does when they start drowning.
  13. Tribe Manager Improvements The group rank system is a lot of work to set up. A GUI that handles all of this would be convenient. Also the ability to set ranks based on base location some how, like say I have base A and base B, I want base A to only be demolishable by myself the owner and one other admin, where as I want base B to be demolishable by everyone else. Or at the very least a simple GUI that lists items or item types an dinos and lets me set the ranks for all of them right there in a menu instead of having to go to each pillar or whatever, this would also help with undoing accidental group ranking set to 10 on something because everything I Was building was set to that.
  14. Yea but that's more setup work. I just want to be able to filter with a check box that says show me everything that does not include what I typed. Otherwise I'd have to create a narcoberry or metal folder in each dino or vault etc, or even if they were made by default it could get cumbersome and confusing, and then when i open the inventory I have additional clicks in order to view things.