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  1. same issue here lost rex's to this bug 20 full troughs 4 -5 lines of cooked and raw in each rex with salt logged off 2 hours before baby to juv logged on 7 hours later rex's dead starved
  2. Beacon locations

    I believe beacons were made no build area to stop griefing the area is not that large and seems fit for purpose
  3. Thank you Wildcard, and supporting community

    Ark is great game cant really add to what people have said there is still a lot of work to do before release I'm sure it will all come together in the end
  4. Taming a Quetzal post nerf.

    Use a q cage still just make sure when you grab and knockout it drops safe
  5. Snails

    Snails produce less organic polymer is this intended ?
  6. Quetz in distress?

    Ihave to agree the new quetz sounds are not great also rex's is like running on drums
  7. Going through a sad time man.

    I feel your pain
  8. only ever experienced this with 5 high walls you weren't on the side of a mountain were you?
  9. Dino Limit

    Maybe a way to manage dino limit would be less dinos ex. 1 male 1 female yields the same as as 1 male 7 females keeping this the same so no bonus to anyone to have a 300+ dino egg farm. this would possibly help dino server limit too.
  10. How do you get lots of black pearls?

    you will need better saddles lots of cooked meat your hp/melee are good when you get low hp run to surface alpha tends not to follow just be careful