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  1. As someone who played P+ since before it was official TLC, but only on official servers... it's playable. Always was. There were issues after updates, but most were resolved. Anyone that played a lot of P+ understands that it is abandoned. Player base is too small and the negative associations others have with P+ will not go away because some little things get fixed. People don't want to spend 1/4-1/3 of their available playtime loading, don't want to be unable to play maps they payed for... and it's impossible to fix this without P+ going back to unofficial mod status and someone else taking it up as passion project, which is very unlikely. I don't want officials wiped where there is years of history and work, and at this point that is only thing I'm hopeful for.
  2. Sure, penguins in the desert. Seems logical for PvE
  3. Don't worry if they keep these rules long enough you will know what it's like to have server locked because of 70/70 players and you can't even defend. As I said, have fun.
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